The harmful effects of sleeping in a Bra

Wearing of the bra while sleeping could be so harmful to the health of women folks and this has been discouraged by some health practitioners.

A bra is worn to support the brsts, provide modesty and increase the sense of security a women feels. It temporarily affects the shape of the brsts, such as uplifting them to create a cleavage.
In the 1930s, a boyish look was fashionable, so bras were worn to flatten the chest. For larger women, it also provides welcome control. However, there has been a strong dialogue about the harmful effects of wearing a bra, especially during sleep.

(1) Restlessness

Wearing a bra can be irritating for some women at the best of times, so sleeping could enhance this feeling. Women who sleep on their back may feel the bra catch press into their skin, causing discomfort. An underwire bra could also dig into the underside of the chest tissue, causing scratching or red grooves. The effect of these problems is waking through the night and continuous discomfort.

(2) Weakened Ligaments

Although support is a primary reason to wear a bar, it can actually be adverse to a woman’s health. The brsts do not develop strong ligaments because they do not take the weight of their own load. Therefore, brsts can sag more if a bra is constantly worn. If the bra is worn both day and night, the br**sts do not have the opportunity to use the ligaments at all, and this worsens the problem.

(3) Cancer

The book “Dressed to Kill,” published in 1995, suggested that a bra inhibits lymphatic drainage, increases chest temperature and levels of prolactin. Consequently, the authors Singer and Grismaijar proposed that this increases the risk of a woman developing cancer.

However, Louise Brinton at the National Cancer Institute suggests this is not a viable, scientific explanation because it is does not relate to endogenous hormone levels that are associated with cancer. Therefore, although disputed, some thinkers believe that wearing a bra contributes to cancer, and wearing it all the time would increase this risk.

(4) Excess Sweat

Being sweaty is a side effect of wearing a bra to bed. The extra material and padding stifles the air flow around the skin and consequently can make a woman abnormally hot and sweaty. This can cause itching and discomfort to the wearer. Women who do sleep in a bra should make sure it is made from a breathable fabric like cotton.


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Wenger agrees two-year contract with Arsenal

Despite series of fans’ protests calling for the exit of Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, the Frenchman has agreed a new two-year contract, extending his 21-year reign at the club.
Wenger’s contract was set to finish at the end of the current campaign, but will now remain Arsenal manager until at least 2019.

This is coming few days after the Gunners won the English FA Cup after beating Chelsea 2-1 at Wembley Stadium.

On Monday, Wenger and club owner Stan Kroenke met to determine the Frenchman’s future, and their decision was relayed to club directors at a Tuesday board meeting.

As it stands, Arsenal are planning to make an official announcement on Wednesday.

The Gunners finished fifth in the Premier League this season, the first time they have finished outside the top four hence missing the UEFA Champions League in 20 years.

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Antonio Conte Wins Manager Of The Year Award. 

Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte, has been named Premier League Manager of the Year by the League Managers Association (LMA).
Cont clinched the Premier League title in his first year in English football and could make it a classic double, if they beat Arsenal in Saturday’s FA Cup final.

Last year’s winner, Claudio Ranieri, was the first foreign manager to win the prize, since Arsene Wenger in 2003/2004.

“I’m living a lot of incredible emotions in my first season in England,” Conte said at the ceremony.

“I want to thank people for voting for me. I love to accept this.

“It’s fantastic to read all of these names who have won this trophy. It’s a great achievement for me and I hope to continue in the best way and deserve this award.”

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Man. Utd possible signing in the summer window

It looks like Manchester United are getting ready to spend big again this summer in an effort to compete for their first league title since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club.

Jose Mourinho has made no secret that he is prioritising the Europa League final as a pathway into the Champions League and this will of course help to attract the calibre of player that the United fans here at the Tavern are accustomed to seeing at the Theatre of Dreams.
Our landlord – like Caracol Radio – seems to be sure that Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez is on his way to Manchester. There’s no doubting his skills, and with the first team football he’d get at United he could take the Premier League by storm.

With money to spend and ambition to match, there is plenty of speculation as to who could be joining the Colombian maestro at Old Trafford in the summer. But where does Mourinho need to strengthen and add depth?

Don Balon has mentioned this one recently. There has been plenty of chatter about where Griezmann will go should he leave Atletico Madrid. We would love to see the talented French forward grace the Premier League and the opportunity to join his international teammates Pogba and Martial may just be the edge United need to attract him.
Too many times this season Man United have struggled to break down some of the smaller teams in the league, but with the creativity and dynamism Griezmann would bring to their front line, Mourinho’s boys will have a bit more of a cutting edge to their attack.

The Independent has reported this one recently. It may take another world record transfer fee but it would be a very big statement indeed if Gareth Bale was to head back to the Premier League. There’s not much else left for him to win at Real and the lure of a return to England may be too much for Welsh forward to turn down

Bale is a proven Premier League superstar and would help make United great again. His wing wizardry and lethal long range shots will excite the Old Trafford faithful and strike fear into any opposition

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Maturity is a state of being observed and seen to be behaving and thinking in a sensible, adult manner. As it is popularly said, age is not a criteria used in measuring one’s level of maturity but it acts as a clause in terms of exposure and experiences you get in life. 
Disguise on the other hand is a state at which you change your appearance so that people cannot recognise you. To make it at some stages in life, you have to Disguise. Although the game of achieving an aim amidst Disguise has been mistaken for FAKE. 

Being fake ain’t disguising, it simply means one is not proud of what or who he/she is. You can Disguise to be fake to achieve an aim but you can never be originally fake and call that a form of Disguise. Maturity is adopted in virtually all areas of life ranging from relationships, intelligence level, mission orientation, aim accomplishment, anger management, human interaction, speech utterances, leadership, daily conducts and so on. 

Disguise can also be termed “Character cloning”. It’s temporary and don’t stand the test of time. Maturity is real, can’t be hidden, stands the test of time and is a major tool in attaining life upmost heights. 

Disguise in a relationship never supports but rather crumbles it. Pretending to be who you are not passes a wrong signal to your partner who is out believing you for whom he/she thinks you are. Being real and adopting some level of maturity boosts a relationship. As a matured individual, you overlook so many things in a relationship not because you can’t react but because of your level of understanding, you just have to let go. 100% of successful relationships are built on trust which is an end product of MATURITY. Just as gold has to pass through fire before it glitters, so also Alot of sacrifices are made towards having having a perfect relationship. “it takes two to tangle” and so maturity must be balanced before it yields success in a relationship. A nagging wife can never make a good home and so is an irresponsible man. In displaying some forms of maturity, the sacrifices one make triggers some sense of understanding and goes a long way to put things in place. Disguise in a relationship could be side-lined to a factor that poses at correcting a deformity with the main aim of coming back to your original self when the plan is successful. In other words, you can Disguise to save your relationship but not taking advantage of your partners weakness. 

“Before you catch a thief, you need to think like a thief”; That’s intelligence. In a class for the intelligentsia, the smartest would pose a Disguise to stand out and that distinguishes it from the rest. This is achieved through Disguise. Maturity goes a long way in facilitating your level of intelligence while intelligence is not a measure of maturity. “Passing your grades is not passing your senses”.. . . . .. . Leonard. They are 2(two) parallel line that could only meet if and only if you show some level of maturity with intelligence. Intelligence is applied in several other aspects of human existence such as forensic research, criminal investigation, scientific research, modern research and invention, politics and sports to mention but a few. 

The enemy you know they say is better than the angel you don’t know”. That’s Disguise for you. Anger is a very strong feeling you harbour deep within you when something happens that you feel is bad or unfair. Level of tolerance in individuals varies ranging from various levels of maturity. Age has nothing to do with a level at which one displays some form of anger. Instead as you advance in age, it is supposed that you also advance in maturity and have some form of tolerance towards anger. Disguise could be inculcated when angered and it could be termed maturity only when it’s positive. Pretence is not maturity when angered but a form of camouflage. This is very lethal most especially when you don’t know what your opponent harbours / plans in mind for you. And so, you have to be wise and smart in reading people’s mind / actions to determine why they sometimes act the way they do. A more explained article on anger management will come later in the episodes. 

Other aspects which include human interaction, speech utterances, leadership, daily conducts and so on requires maturity and some forms of Disguise because you don’t know who lies beside you, what they have in mind or what action they want to take. 

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PHILOSOPHY OF SIGHT – its significance and relevance


The sight as we all know is one of the most excellent organs every human possesses even the blind.  Many theories and statistics have proven that a blind has applied more relevance to sight and to some extent, sees more. This is achieved through PERCEPTION and is an aspect of an individual’s mind which is rarely used by many or say not well utilised. INTERNAL PERCEPTION tells us what is going on in our bodies, where our limbs are, whether we are sitting or standing, whether we are depressed, hungry, tired and so forth. This internal perception is guided by an unseen but yet felt sight which is strongly imbedded into all humans and has its existence way before we opened our eyes to the world. It’s the internal sight that shows a baby strange thing before it happens and prompts them to cry. Also it can be applied in some other aspects of our life as adults in these various ways:


The kind of face you make when imagining what is going on in your mind is a result of what your inward sight sees. I have written about “subconscious mind” in one of my articles “THE STRENGHT OF THE MIND” and I faintly spoke about the significance of sight. The strength of sight can greatly be felt while imagining. The physical eyes at this juncture are internally blind while the internal sight is actively at work. It is this perception that enables you relate to your mind & brain and then you see a mirage which is just a mere illusion but also a close assumption to what you foresee. This process gives rise to particular mental state (cognitivism) and often makes you take some actions (radical behaviourism).


The strength of the sight (internal) is a tool in keeping you in line according to your purpose in life. Your destiny is determined by you and the action and strength you put into its achievement is anchored by your effective use of sight. It acts as a pilot, instructor and a means of encouragement even when you deviate from the path. It’s the internal sight that enables you see yourself in a near future and then motivate you towards achieving that dream. A lot of people these days are blind internally and “blindness in mind is blindness out of sight”. The saying that “there is ability in disability” is achieved through perception (internal sight) and that is why no one is restricted to making it in life. If you have not opened your internal eyes to things happening around you or in things you do in life, this is an avenue to initiating that.


This is a very important point i would like all to pay maximum attention to. We must first of all note that there is a big difference between DREAMS and ILLUSION. Illusion is a false idea or belief, especially about somebody or about a situation while dream is a series of images, events and feelings that happen in your mind while you are asleep. Most people have illusions while sleeping but term it dream and that is why lot of fake prophecies are rampant these days. The rightful definition of dream is, series of images, events and feelings that happen in your subconscious mind while you are asleep and you have NO COGNITIVE CONTROL over it. Illusion on the other hand can be controlled. A kind of dream which you can control even while in the process is a mere illusion which can take place even with your eyes opened. That is why people make lots of imagination and assume they have a dream. When you have a dream, there is an end to it but an illusion has neither distinctive start nor end. The ability of remembering/seeing a dream is done by the internal sight. It’s the internal sight that sees the dream while the outward sight (eyes) lives it.


The strength of sight can be seen in our day to day activities. We make decisions everyday and we are responsible for the actions we take. Before a decision is taken, 5 (five) processes takes place. They include:

  1. The eyes (outward sight) serve as a channel for data influx into the subconscious mind.
  2. The mind deliberates on the action to be taken by sending a signal to the brain.

  3. The brain looks for facts and fictions and then relates to the internal sight.

  4. The internal sight looks in various directions for the best decision to take. This is where positive decision taking and negative decision taking comes to place and when a conclusion has been reached,

  5. The last process is action (radical behaviourism).


The significance of sight is very crucial in this aspect albeit it cannot work alone but with the mind. It’s a key role to many successes and achievement the world has recorded. A STRONG WILL works with perception and perception is best practiced as a listener. Attentiveness cannot be over emphasized as it works with the subconscious mind. That is why it is important to be attentive always. While in exam hall, the internal sight brings forth a clearer view to what you have read or listened to while in class and enables you to choose the right option for the question. The sight is also relevant in extensive reading and it enables the reader see a third meaning to what he or she is reading; more so give room for fundamental research and classical mind development.

The philosophy of sight should therefore be taken as a pragmatic approach to vast contrasting issues and cognizance of sight as a tool to its realisation should be consciously taken note of. 

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The mind is a tool that can make and destroy. It is guided subconsciously by its thought and believes. The strength of a mind can never be under estimated. It houses the will and urge to do and not to do. From birth, a mind is nothing but a new empty system filled with integrated chips ready to read and be read.  
The mind has no limits to what it can imagine except it’s being restricted from such imaginations. It’s a strong tool that has no limit or a form of selection to what it takes in and so a lot care needs to be taken when the mind is at work.  What ever it decides has a very strong implication to a step one takes in life. The mind is correlated in its activity by that of the sight and reasoning. What ever the mind harbours is what it will definitely work with no matter the time it takes,  it must accomplish it’s aim.  It’s just like a  rocket launched;it has been programmed to hit a target but it will take a period of time to reach its target.  Same theory applies to the mind. As we grow up,  Alot is being inculcated into our minds and those orientation are integrated directly into our memory chips and as sticky as it is, it stays and remains there till death.  Just like an ibo adage says, “you don’t learn to use left hand when you are old if you are right-handed”. That’s also why it is said in the Holy books that “you train up a child the way he should go and when he grows, he will never depart from it”. 

A child that his parents were murdered right before his eyes would grow up with that dilemma and vengeance would definitely not be far from his mind. He might also be accustomed to being a perpetrator of evil because to him,  the world is wicked.  

Further illustrations can be drawn from other happenings around us. A child that is brought up being pampered will know nothing about pain till the day he faces one. Our child should be taught the ethics of life and orientated that this life is not a bed of roses. A child that is being over protected also falls in same category. A worst case is that of parents protecting their kids when they commit a bad deed, they do so trying to spare the rod meanwhile spoiling the child. Such children will be brought up thinking committing crime is a normal phenomenon till the day they are caught. 

Our minds are very tricking in their operation and unknowing to our own very self. It is very hard for the mind to be controlled by the will and reasoning but it is very easy for the mind to override the activity of the whole self.  The sight is a very strong tool working concurrently with the mind as it serves as a portal of entry for the information’s the mind conceives. That is also why it is said that every man has two physical eyes and one strong inner eye. We should be very careful at what we look and quickly read a positive reading to what we see else the mind gives it an appropriate meaning.  

Another tool that assists the mind is the sense of hearing.  Some times the eyes is not active but the activeness of the ear picks up the information and the ever ready mind quickly reads a meaning to what the ear relates to it. It is very important we control what we hear or choose between what enters our ear at any certain time.  
The minds strength is such that it makes up half news into a whole information and reads a meaning to it. It relates the result to the subconscious reasoning and then to the brain and before u know it, a deed is committed. It also has the capacity to harbour an information over a period of time and provides it unknowingly to you at the right time it’s of need for proper action to be taken. That’s why it is easy for someone to forgive his enemy but very hard to forget. It’s the work of the subconscious mind. 
The mind is also a strong asset in the education sector as most calculation works are done with the mind.  It serves as a slate where you do your rough calculations even while looking at your neighbour. It is also a two way tool that has the strength of relating information while receiving information too. It activity cannot be stopped till the heart stops beating but it’s modus operandi can be maneuvered based on the form of orientation it gets. While you sleep,  it’s your mind that works with your self and that’s why you dream and know that if you remain on bed, you will be late for work because it has been programmed.  

The brain only helps it to think, they both work side by side but while you sleep, your Brain sleeps but your mind don’t.  That’s why sometimes you are able to relate happenings around you to a particular dream you had some years back. 

The brain codes a segment of your dreams while you sleep and your mind relates it to you while you wake as a step to actualising it in reality”  Leonard

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Focus means alot to different people. It depends on which aspect of life you choose to adopt it.  We all are guided by our subconscious mind and we tend to see things from different perspective. There are so many ways to keep focus and there are also many reasons or factors people loose focus.

It’s not easy in life as we all know but in other to achieve that which is expected,  you have to go extra miles to live up to it. At some point in our lives,  we tend to loose focus due to some factors that can or cannot be overlooked. A child’s upbringing and his moral background has a large role to play in this aspect.  A child could come from a very good home and yet be influenced by peers. Such child might even be of good conduct at home but put on the skin of a wolf the moment he steps out.  The parents have alot to do in our society of today.


Societal influence and the economic situation of the country poses a lot of threat to keeping focus in life. A society guided by corrupt leaders would yield a negative influence on the youths.  Statistics shows that 40% of a country’s population is made up of the youth while the remaining sixty is shared between the children & the aged and so the progress of a nation rests solely on the youth. The youths have to keep up with focus and the government also has a role to play by providing the necessary requirements for an economic growth and stability.

In the presence of all these factors mentioned,  the youth a times still loose focus due to so many factors.  Some of which will be highlighted here.



As a child grows,  he is exposed to the society and he tends to pick up so many vices, whether good or bad and guided by them. Most of the bad atrocities we read on our dailies are as a result of peer group influence. Children pick up bad habits easily because of the kind of friends they move with and the kind of exposure they get from the Internet; as the popular adage goes, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” . The school is the main ground where they learn bad habits.  It’s in school most children learn disobedience, how to smoke,  how to practise hooliganism,  prostitution, robbery, watch pornography, cultism, Internet fraud, and so many others you know. This in the long run makes them a bad figure in the society as they play truancy, ensnare and hibernate themselves from people. Most of our parents pay no attention to their children when they return from school, they just provide them with money when ever they demand without knowing what they actually do with it.  As a parent,  when last did u go through your child’s books to check his or her performance.  When last did u visit their school to know if at all he attends school and his conduct in school.  When last did u go through his or her phone to check for some exhibits as they call it.  This is a role the parents has to play in other to check mare the conducts of their children.



This has been a major hub where bad habits are learnt. We tend to adopt the culture of life of other people who have different beliefs as us and in the long run,  we tend to go extra mile in other to stand out; thus end up loosing focus. There has been a lot of debate on this and it has been clearly confirmed that 60% of moral decadence in our society is as a result of negative influence of the internet. Pornography has eaten deep like a cankerworm in the lives of our teenage youths and that is one of the reason why our generation cannot boast of having virgins before marriage. It is said now that ‘virginity is the lack of opportunity’, and no longer something our fore father’s were proud of in their wives to be. Internet fraud and hooliganism are also a course learnt on the Web as everybody is in a haste to make money. They put in valuable time and resources to defraud a counterpart on the other end and make away with their money.  They call that brainy and see the act as a normal way of life. Some even go to the extent of using diabolical means to extort money from their so called clients not minding the repercussion. The family has alot to do in this aspect because there is dignity they say in hardwork.



Everybody is in a haste to make it in life,  everybody wants to be rich, everybody wants to pass, everybody wants good things of life yet no one wants to undergo any stress nor make any sacrifice to get them. As one of our singers will say,  ‘they wan go heaven but they no wan die’.  Nothing in life comes easy.  It takes alot of patience and hard work to achieve. Some of our youths go into Internet fraud, the popular one they call ‘yahoo_yahoo’, prostitution,  armed robbery,  scamming and so many you can mention. In the days of our fathers, the rudiments of success they will say lies in hard work. As a farmer, you have to plough the land, wet it, plant and be patient for it to yield before harvesting.  You don’t jump one stage for the other, they all work hand in hand.  As a student, u have to read your books,pass your exams and then job will await you.  As a labourer,you have to work hard because you have hopes of getting your wages at the close of the day. Same applies in all sectors of the labour force and so our youths should not be in a hurry to make money; hard work they say pays. The government in its role should also assist by providing jobs and seeing to it that they better the standard of living. The huge gap between the rich and the poor should be abridged.



This is another aspect that is really taking focus of our numerous youth of today.  We are being told alot of things as we grow up that are practised in the olden days and has acted as a guide to their way of life. We are being threatened of failure if we by any means deviate from such practises.  Alot of them are diabolical while some are just the norms, culture and tradition of the people.  We are advancing in age and technology and new approach to solving the same problems of so many years have been deployed. Just as it took time and alot of conviction for our ancient parents to accept western education, it still applies till this day.  Most of our parents still adopt crude means to proffer solutions to their problems even when you offer to assist them with a much faster means.  It has in one way or the other limited our focus because we see our parents as better than us to some extent and so we would not want to disobey them. Youths on the other hand has a role to play by making comparisons and choosing wisely.



Substance intake / consumption has been a threat to focus in life.  Most of our youths consume opiates (heroin, hydrocodone (Vicodin), oxycodone (Oxycontin, Percocet), morphine), benzodiazepines (diazepam (Valium), alprazolam (Xanax), flunitrazepam (Rufilin), clonazepam (Klonopin), lorazepam (Ativan)), methamphetamine (meth), cocaine,alcoholGHB, and nicotine for pleasure and become addicted to it.  These drugs are referred to as “hard drugs”  and have adverse effect on the body system especially when it is used outside a medical prescription.  They get high and feel on top of the world ignoring the basics of what they look forward to achieving and wasting time alongside resources.

There are so many other reasons which we all can mention but in the course of putting up this article, I want to leave you to add up other factors yourself. Loosing focus has different dimensions as some factors which cannot be overlooked, tend to take you off your target a times but consistency is the key and bouncing back on your ground by putting up your head straight even when you have fallen is a great step to gaining back your focus in life.


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The season of Xmas is usually a great and long awaited season irrespective of your religious status. Asides the fact that it’s a big celebration for the Christians, it usually signal the close of the year and ushers in a new year. As we grew up, Christmas and new year to us is separated by weeks of preparation and celebration but in a normal sense the difference is just a matter of seconds. The big difference in the realms of reality is that most people don’t live up to the last second and so we have to imbibe wisdom in all our dealings this season both with people around us and to ourselves.

Making ends meet has really taken lives and will continue to take because of the absence of a virtue called “patience”.  It’s Christmas/end of the year and so they must make it by all means.  We must be careful of where we go and our kids should be given a closer watch this Y’ello-tide season as men of the underworld are roaming about seeking whom to devour. Our men should endeavor not to keep late nights nor embark on any unplanned journey.

Ritualists are at it again and they make use of anybody not only the kids this time; so we have to be smart and know the kind of places we go or what we eat and educate our kids on the danger of receiving gifts from strangers or even friends. Parents should also avoid sending their wards errands at night or late hours.

As a business man, ignore that man asking you to borrow him some amount of money to pay back in double Or with some interest; he might just be a “419”. He might elope with your money and leave you in a worst state..  Even if he is your friend or the richest man in your community,  think twice before you do.  Don’t involve yourself into any business simply because they say it doubles any amount you put. My brother if you will make it,  it mustn’t come in such manner and at such time. They are dubious people; ignore text messages from any source requesting to do business with you as a result of huge amount involved. It might come in various form so please use your brain.


These is always a lot of drama being staged this period.  Most people sell all they have in other to travel home and pretend to be what they are not. Such people are part of the people who sell everything in their shop to buy a car to drive home and return back to the city the other year to sell the car and start life a fresh. Some even go to the extent of money rituals either with human blood or rendering a part of their body useless only to immerse wealth.

If you want to enjoy your celebration, imbibe these few rules and abide by them.

    -Its never late to start planning.  It’s better you travel and be yourself than to come back and be a debtor. If the journey is not feasible, cancel it.
    -Most people thinks owning a car is all they need. Discover your primary needs and if a car is minor, scrap it.

    -Ration the things you need and reduce the number of days you intend to spend either you are going with your family or alone.

    -Don’t go out with much money on you because you might just be tempted to spend on old time friends. You and I know that no amount is too small to prove your level has changed.

    -Rather than taking friends out for entertainment, bring them home. It accords you more respect and saves more cash.

These are the four main laws although a word they say is enough for the wise.  These points are not subdivided but I believe you can get the direction each law is pointing at. Safe journey as you move around this period and i pray no harm shall be fall us. 

Happy Xmas and new year in advance!!!



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Journey to a place you never been before could be fun and on the contrary, a bad experience. It  could be a lesson or in other words a teacher. Many has fallen victim to individuals who have no feelings for human existence and are so keen in seeing to the bad of others. Such people are perpetrators of evil and a lot of them are found on our roads pretending to be helping meanwhile harbouring some bad intentions within them. Some of them disguise to need your help in one way or the other only to turn around and harm you. Wisdom is needed in anything you do in life and take time to think before you act.


It is a very bad conduct that is fast eating deep like a canker worm into the societal structuring of our country and so many people have imbibed that act as a means of livelihood thus making an ordinary Nigerian adamant in coming to the aid of someone who is really in need. This is as a result of bad experience or lessons learnt from like occurrences that has happened to them.
I dressed up as a gentleman, clad in my neat and well ironed t-shirt and trouser ready to storm Vicky’s place. I met her last year November online on a social network and we have long gotten along each other and became so intimate despite the fact that we haven’t met. I was not disturbed at all because i have taken my time to request for her pictures and so am quite comfortable with her looks. We were supposed to meet on valentine’s day but because i don’t want to fall “mugu” to her numerous demands, i decided to fake a reason for not coming. She believed me because I’ve always been a nice guy to her; I’ve sent her series of recharge cards and love texts.  A journey which was supposed to last for 30mins lasted for over 1 hour.


It is no more news that phones are being Snatched on roads in our popular cities and the drama is in such a way that the nearest person you can yell to for help is even a member of the robbery gang but unknowing to you.  Now they have devised new means to rob people of their belongings and this they achieve using tactical scopes.  Some feign to be wounded on the road needing urgent attention and when a good Samaritan drives by, they signal their members who come out in ambush to rob.  Some pretend to be stranded in an isolated area seeking lift to a particular place; Bros! if you pack that car, you are on your own.


It is popularly said that most of these robbery activities are not humane but some implore diabolic means to tame their prey and set them loose after the operation. Another ancient act perpetrated by these hoodlums is the popular “pickpockets” which is still in existence. They walk side by side and extort you of your belongings unawares. The latest technique is loosing of plate numbers and showing it off to their owners in an isolated area on motion.  Once they stop to hand you your plate number, they rob you in the process.

Back to our story, soon the car got moving long after waiting for the passengers to fill up. A lady sat beside me and I noticed a young guy very well dressed sitting behind me.  At the onset of the journey and a popular tradition on our buses,  a woman stood up to advertise a product she was marketing.  As arguments and questions ensued, i noticed the guy behind me was constantly looking and starring at me.  I became confused and looking back terrifyingly at him,  he took off. Soon afterwards, the bus stopped and the lady beside me alighted; she has gotten to her destination.  To my amazement,  the guy stood up and came sitting beside me.  At this point, I paused the song playing on my headset, pretending to be nodding my head to the rhythm of the song and waiting for the action that will happen next.


He kept starring at my iPhone, my wristwatch, my Nike (sneakers) and gave a horrible gaze at me from up to down in a sitting posture. I was looking at him with the tail of my eye and i noticed all these. Finally he spoke up “Bros…….. Bros…… Chairman…..”  and taped me on the third call.  “wetin happen? I spoke up ” why you just dey look person like that?, i sabi you? ” I continued.  With this response I noticed this fear in him as he started feeling uncomfortable and looking around like someone whose secret has leaked in public. He mumbled to himself not knowing I was listening saying” na which kind bad market be this,  he no even gree me talk,  e be like say he Don sabi wetin I wan tell am,  Choi! Walai he no go spoil my paro”.  He gathered courage again and spoke up; “Bros abeg,  i be student,  I need small money wey I go take chop”  i looked scornfully at him because I know that’s the direction he is heading and i said to him “guy I no get”.  He went on further saying “OK Bros abeg even if na #100 make I take pay my transport”  I shouted back at him immediately “I say I no get,  wetin na? He was quite disgraced as he left my seat but couldn’t do with looking repeatedly at me. I kept starring at him too because his outfit is inversely proportional to his conduct. He dressed even better than me whom he is coming to seek help from and am sure he has defrauded people with same stories. Soon the bus arrived our destination and we all alighted.

The story has just began……………. Watch out for the aftermath of what happened when we dropped.

Coming to you in next episode.


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