A platform whereby we showcase the richness of contemporary, ancient and even local music in kwara state.

Although, this is the first of its kind and its cutting across the main tertiary institutions we have in Kwara state and the neighbouring cities sharing boundaries with kwara. The targeted institutions include:

And some other tertiary institutions from Kogi, Osun and Ekiti states.

The scope of the festival is to bring up from the grassrot, talented artists to showcase what they have to the industry and encourage them by giving them a platform to express themselves boldly and if possible make a means through it.

We are not under any jurisdiction to involve the tertiary institutions as this is not an inter-tertiary competition although as an artist ready to be featured, you must be a student or a graduate with a proof of school attended or school you are attending as we did not plan to bring together hoodlums and radicals who will pose a threat to the peaceful atmosphere we are already enjoying under the rulership of this able administration.

The event is anchored by LEO’S GRAPHIX & ENT. a non-profited eatablishment set up by some group of individuals with like minds and aiming to achieve a set goal. They see greatness in every failure and are of the opinion that taking music back to the grass roots In conjuction with ready individuals with like mind as them will further take entertainment in kwara state to the next level and will imbibe into youngsters the spirit to see the importance of education and shun the act of biolence and hooligalism.


Currently, we have no sponsors as we are fresh and young individuals who are looking forward to working with good, top and reputable organisations (govt. Or individuals) or parastatals. So please, if you have a mind to rendering a quota of any kind, we will greatly appreciate and your name will forever remain on our lips. Thanks in anticipation.

We have plans to work with top radio stations within and outside Kwara state for the main aim of information dissemination. Radio stations we planned working with include: Ray power Fm, Radio kwara, Unilorin Fm, Beat Fm, Royal Fm and some other Fm stations outside Kwara state.
The proposed date for the event by the special grace of God is on the 4th of Dec. 2015 except an unforeseen development arises warranting it been compromised.

The participating artists will do justice only to the songs they wrote and recorded as the songs will be screened by a set committee before they are performed. The artists will send either a soft copy (for artists outside Ilorin) or a hard copy for review and accreditation. They should also note they are performing within a given time frame.
Hopefully, we are looking forward to having the presence of top music icons in the Nigeria music industry and representatives from all arms of government and other non-governmental organisations and parastatals. In this regard, the artists should be prepared to give out their best.


The artists are also required to note at this juncture that modest dressing will strictly be observed as any artist found wanting for any gross misconduct will be screened out.

We look forward to working with some other entertainment and media groups in Kwara state. The likes of GMG, Weezle Ent.,Enigma, Dyce, Point blank, Shuffle Ent., Decypher-k, SoSohits, Frenzy Record Label, Equator Records, Sid Records, NpNg Records, Westhill Magazine, Soundcity, Eb Tv to mention but a few.


The artists are required to pick-up a slot for themselves as a sign to show forth willingness to perform with a token of #3,000 and appear for the auditioning after which they will be selected to take part in the grand prix. The registration will be done online and the artists are expected to come along with the token to the venue of the auditioning.

Their will be alot of side attractions, an undisclosed dance crew is coming to entertain in full regalia. We are also featuring one of the popular artists in Nigeria Music industry by name………..(find out later) and we will also be featuring already familiar faces in the il-city music industry. The likes of SHABZZY, BREEZE, RIDDY, MALYNA, OLUWASIMPLE, BEEJAYKLEIN, MR. THEO, Q’DEE, S]B]S, ZIZMO, SHEGZZY, SLEEM, RAP BERRY, LIL-P & lots more. Their will also be stand up comedy performances by IL-city top Comedians; the likes of Cari-ca-talk, Mr. bones, and the likes of them.

The venue for the event is yet to be scheduled but it will be conveyed soon via this platform. The after party also comes up immediately after the grand prix @…………. (WATCHOUT).


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Crying Woman Being Consoled by a Man --- Image by ©

[PART 1] [4:08pm, 4/20/2014]

Early February lastyear. I met Adebimpe on facebook as a mutual friend to one of my friends. One thing led to
another, we started chatting on BBM and early march, we started E-dating.
Some weeks later, we discussed on how we will see facially and she suggested to travel down to meet me
in lagos if only I can send T.fare.
Adebimpe is a student of uniport so she fully based in PHC. I was so happy that I started day dreaming how
the visitation will look like, the romance, fun, love-making etc.
On the 14th of april, I sent 10k into her account as T-fare. She called me to tell me she got the money. Soon the traveling preparation began. The D-day came, I have cleaned up my room, bought foodstuffs, bought a new pack of CD. When she dropped at Akure garage, I told her to pick a bus to
my house address which she did, she got to my house at around 5pm.
I ushered her in, gave her soft drinks and we started chating. It was thesame bimpe I was chatting with now live before me. Wen it was 6pm, she shocked me by telling me she
has a cousin here in Akure and that’s where she will be staying throughout her 3days of stay and that I should visit her at her cousin’s place the following
day. I was so sad but I didn’t show it, I faked a smile and walk her off to take a bike; “sey na like dis my 10k go
waste?” I thought to myself.
The next day, I didn’t go to visit her and I lied that I was sick with the mindset that she will come to my
place instead. But na lie,all she could do was to call me and ask after my health.
That nite, I couldn’t sleep. I was just wondering how silly I am. i just put my fone in silence and forcefully slept off.
As I woke up around 6am in the morning, I picked my fone and I saw a text from Adebimpe. Which says”baby u knw I will be leaving today, wat
time should I come to visit u so as to get my return T-fare”?. Chai!, I exclaimed as I mumbled within me; “naso my 10k jst waka”.
[PART 2] [7:00am, 4/21/2014]

Just while I was wondering about my stupidity, my memory started flashing back to how we started……….
After sending her a friend request on facebook which she accepted. We chat about school stuffs and life in
general. As time goes on, we were so fond of each other that we confided in each other. She told me about her relationship that just ended with Mike due to emotional and physical imbalances. She told me how mike didn’t love her, how he violently and continuously demanded for sex, how he always demand for anal sex which she always reject not until one day when mike drugged her drink and she was
unconscious while mike had his way through her bombom. I felt so sorry for her that I always keep her
company while we chat. We do exchange pictures, voicenotes and videos. The feelings was developing
gradually until the day I asked her out…
It took her up to 2weeks to give a yes answer, after giving me a yes, we started the E-dating proper.
Its was fun all through because we chat almost every minute, I will always call her time to time which a-times she
don’t reciprocate but I never mind. As at march, our intimacy grew to the extent that we engage in dirty chats. Chaii!, Adebimpe is a guru at it.
She will always tell me about her sexcapades with her ex, how she gives him Mouth Gig and swallows the
cum. How they do exhibit various styles while having sex. Infact, every
nite, I do make sure my fone is charged so as to enjoy each nite moment of sexchat. After the chat, she
will call me in the midnite for phonesex. One nite during our normal
chat, we were like
Bimpe: baby, I’m getting wet so
much dis days, each time I feel like having you in me.
Me: the feelings are mutual baby, same thing here.
Bimpe: pls can u do me an urgent favour?
Me: what favour is that dear?
Bimpe:. Pls send pics of your erected dick to me.
Me: suprised. Waoo!, but on one condition.
Bimpe:. What’s the condition?
Me: u will send ur own nudes to me too.
Bimpe: Don’t worry dear, just be patient till we meet, I will give you a surprise package you will always
remember for the rest of your life.
Me:, really?, tell me about it.
Bimpe:. You know what?. I will suck you while you will cum 3 times in my mouth and I will swallow. I will give u the best doggie u ever experience and
atleast 30 out of my 56 sex positions
Me: Chai! my dick responded to the signal I can’t wait for that dear.
The chat ended with a nice phonesex which I helped myself with a lotion, rubbed on my dick and fondled till I cummed. As I stepped dwn, I dozed off and I had this nasty dream of me and adebimpe…………….
I woke up from my nightmare and began to wonder what actually happened. I began to compare
the bimpe who is always nasty on chats and always look forward to us been together with the bimbe who
barely spend 1 hour with me only to tell me she is going to stay over at her cousin’s place whom she didn’t tell me about earlier. while I was still imagining. My phone rang and I tried checking who is on the line, it was bimpe. I didn’t pick the calls cos I was so mad at myself, considering the 3bottles of alomo I have bought, the preparations and the likes. I decided ignoring her calls. I decided to open my opera mini and browse my facebook to while away time. As the facebook homepage opened, on the username column, I saw her email filled in it, and on the password. I saw 8 dotted stars
just as normal password code. Immediately I got a flash back that when she came to my house on day
1, she asked for my fone to use because her blackberry battery was flat. I remembered she logged out before returning the fone to me. So as I was wondering what could have happened, I then recollect that a notification that says“do you want
opera to keep your password for this page?”Usually comes up, then I
assumed she must have selected YES.
I gladly logged into her account and browse through her messages.
To my surprise, bimpe does the same flirt chat she did to me with like 4 other guys. The one that shocked me most was a guy on her message named “swordman”. The guy also lives in akure
according to their chats. She also told the guy that she wish to come to akure to visit her, but the guy said in the chat that he didn’t have money to finance
the transport of which bimpe replied “don’t worry, I will sort myself out”. On seeing this, my head rang a bell. I felt an headache instantly. “So I don turn maga?” I told myself. I took my time to
read through all their conversations and I discovered that she exchange nudes with the guy, they flirt to
the extreme, and they were also dating. It was then I got the true image that bimpe is actually with another
guy whom she said its a cousin. But again I thought of it that she invited me to come there yesterday, can she be with another guy and still invite me?

I called bimpe and told her that I want to visit her at her cousin’s place and that she should give me the address. She replied me saying,“I’m sorry, u can’t come, I and my cousin had a serious misunderstanding yesterday nite and till this morning,we haven’t spoken to eachother; so its not advisable for you to come”. I said ok and then hanged up. I said to my self,chaiiii!!onihaxy, you be first
class maga. Just as I was imagining my“mumurity”, I don’t know either to trace the address I found on facebook, or to set her up, kidnap her and molest her, so many evil things were just going through my mind, then a text
message came in from bimpe which says” baby, I am on my way to your place”. Gan-gaun!, my head sparked again, I started rehearsing how I will
shout on her, I was reasoning if I should show her my discovery or not. I don’t know what to do next, I was
just restless. Walking up and down my room. About 30mins later, I heard the sound“ko-ko-ko”on my door. Who is that was my response to the knock, and
a sweet voice came from outside saying its me bimpe. I frowned and open the door. Before I knew it, she dropped her luggage, hugged me and then planted a kiss on my lips. Before I knew what was happening, I had forgotten about my rehearsals.
[PART 3] [9:10am]
Just after about 2mins of her kissing me, she stopped and went straight to my kitchen, as she was going, she
said,“baby, I don’t want to travel with empty stomach so as not to collapse in the bus”. Chai, wetin I go do?.
The rehearsals are gone, the boldness to frown at her is gone, I don’t even know if I should confront her about her facebook messages, what if I do, what will be her reaction?. A lot of thoughts was just running through my mind.
She located my noodles carton and started cooking while we started our conversation.
Me: bimpe, what went wrong between you and your cousin?
Bimpe:. Don’t mind that my uncle jaree, I told him that I’m returning today and that he should give me money but he refused saying he doesn’t have money.
Me:[(thinking in my mind) “so this girl is expecting me to pay her return fare again?”]. Really?, why will he do that to his kid sister?
Bimpe:. He said I should wait till wednesday but I insist that I’m returning today which is sunday
Me: that’s bad of him oooo. Did u offend him before now?
Bimpe: no ooooo. He is just a stingy relative. If not that I mistakenly spoke with him about coming to akure to see someone and dat Is you,he insisted
that I must come to his place, in fact, he called my mum that I am coming to his place so there is nothing I can do about it than to lodge at his place.
Me: eeyah!. That’s family bond. Family will always want to be together. But wait, which area in this akure is he living?
Bimpe: somewhere around ijoka.
Me : [
then I remembered the address I saw in her facebook chat was exactly ijoka,Sunday bustop to be
precise]. Baby, that is just 40mins journey from here ooo. Won’t I get to meet my in-law facially?
Bimpe: I told you we aren’t in good terms, infact I insulted him this morning and left there with anger, so its not ideal for now. Maybe during my next visit,ok?
Me: ok
Bimpe: baby, its 10:20am now and I should leave around 12pm so as to get to PHC earlier. So what do u keep for me. Won’t you buy provisions, cosmetics and cloth for your baby?
Me: I frowned and said BIMPE! U are very wicked and a bad person, infact, I’m not happy with you, I should tell you this [
I have made up my mind to tell her she is a cheat, prostitute and a scammer]
shocked, she came closer, placed hand on my head, took it down to my chest and planted a kiss on my fore-head; then she asked “what’s my offence my husband”
Me: [****with this little kiss and the soft touch from her palms plus the seductive way she used the tip of
her bosom to rub my back, my brain was formatted again****] bimpe, I was sick since yesterday, u can’t even ask about my health, all u can do is to ask for provisions, its unfair ooooo.
dats all I could utter, I don’t know what sealed my mouth***].
Immediately, she sat on my laps, rubbed my head with her hands, pressed her bosoms on me harder
and said“I’m sorry baby”. I still wear a frown face wondering why I lost the courage to confront and rebuke her.
She noticed this and kissed me passionately this time. Its was romantic that I enjoyed it. As we were kissing, my hand located her shirt button, I was about to loose it and she said“stop! stop!! stop!!!”, the indomie should be burning by now, I need to go and check it. She stood up from my laps and went to the kitchen leaving me standing (my dick already erected). I said to myself again…Chaii onihaxy, u must be the
greatest fool of the first order………………………..
Just as I sat down sadly on the bed nursing my erection, she called me from the kitchen to join her in eating the noodles. I went to meet her in the kitchen. After downing the noodles, I went back to sit on the bed while she sat at the other edge.
BIMPE: baby, I will miss you, if not for my cousin, I would have lodged at your place.
ME: its no problem.
BIMPE: hope you will also give me something to give my friends at school because they will be expecting.
ME: ok, dat reminds me. Now that your cousin refuse to give you money, how will you get to PHC?
BIMPE: oh baby, I know you won’t watch me been stranded in akure. After my cousin, u are the only person I have here, Pls help me.
ME: but today is sunday and banks dont open, how do we do it?
BIMPE: [****she suddenly wore a sad face and started shedding tears****] pls onihaxy,I beg of you, pls use your ATM and help me, I have a test of 4unit
course tomorrow morning please.[****** she continued with the sad face****]
ME: instantly, I felt pity for her, I felt her pain, I thought of her test. I just don’t know where the MR nice guy in me came from. I replied her that“don’t
worry, I will try and get something from the ATM. Bimpe was so happy that she kissed me again, this time it was more romantic and passionate. I located
her shirt button again. This time, she didn’t resist, I press on to her bra,
dipped my hand into it, located her nipples, I was squeezing and pressing her boobs. I traced my hands down to
her abdomen, still doing the kissing. Just as I was about unzipping her trouser, she said“STOP!”, I refused but
she removed her mouth and shifted a bit.
BIMPE: baby, don’t you think its too early for us to have sex?. We are going to get married and enjoy ourselves till eternity, why should we rush?. And
besides, this is our first date dear. Pls!
[******she wore this innocent girl look*******]. I just wore a straight face and refuse to say anything. She noticed that I am unhappy. So she came closer
again and kissed me. She started rubbing my chest with her soft palm, I
was happy thinking she is ready to play. Just as I was about pressing her bosoms, she held my hand and said,“baby, pls hurry to the bank because of time, I will surprise you when you are back. Immediately I
heard the word surprise, I suddenly smiled and became restless. I dashed into my wardrobe, picked up a
shirt, picked my ATM card and as I was about stepping out of the room, her phone rang.
[PART 4] [09:50am]
She picked. Though I
couldn’t hear the caller’s voice clearly but bimpe was responding“ok, alright, ok, ok”on the phone and then afterwards, she dropped the call. Before I could say anything, bimpe said“that is my roomate at school. She is asking me the time I will get to PHC”. I dashed out of the room. I stood outside my house
for like 10minutes thinking all sort of things “Am I actually a mumu?, what if she is right about having a cousin?. After all, she will give me sex as a
surprise before leaving so I will actually taste her?. But should I tell her about what I saw on facebook?,but what if she asked me how I get to know her account details?, but if I don’t give her the money, how will she get to PHC?. Or should I delay her till tomorrow so as to enjoy her over the night?. But NO, she is having a 4 unit test tomorrow. And
bimpe is beautiful ooooo!, I think I like her naturally because if not, I won’t be this mumu for her”************. The thoughts were just coming in and overlapping, I don’t know what to opt for. At a point, I just made up my mind to give her 5,000naira to manage. After all, I can’t pay more than 5k if I had invited a girl for home service. So let me just zero my mind that I am paying only for the surprised sex and I will assume that I lost the 10k I gave her earlier. I stopped thinking and quickly I stopped a bike. Bike man, take me to alagbaka. He said“bros na 150naira oooo”. No problem, I replied. He rode pass fiwasaye girls college and finally dropped me in front of first bank opposite captain cook at alagbaka junction. On getting to first bank ATM, the crowd was so much, so I decided to go to GTB atm adjacent first bank. The
queue isn’t that much. I am the 12th person on the queue. I was so anxious to withdraw the money and go back home to meet my surprise package, in fact, I insulted anyone who stayed longer on the machine. When there were about 6 people in front of me, something just struck me that I should go to facebook and check her recent chats. This time, I got the greatest shock of my life on what I saw as I opened her message. She started a chat with swordman 5minutes ago
SWORDMAN: baby, hi
BIMPE: sweetie, I’m fine. I so much enjoyed the way you make love to me. It was the best I ever had.
Chaiii!, again? I shouted uncontrollably drawing attention of everybody on the queue. Immediately I cautioned myself.

I developed headache instantly. I scrolled up to read again incase I didn’t get it very well, I continued reading.
SWORD: Same thing here, I so much miss ur orals. Infact, if not for the test you said you want to write tomorrow, I won’t have let you go today.
BIMPE: baby don’t worry, I will be back after the semester break. I can’t wait to feel you again.
SWORD: that’s my baby. How far with the place you said you are going for your T-fare, I mean your daddy’s friend you talked about?.
BIMPE: I’m there already, but he went out to bank to withdraw money for me.
SWORD: why not come here for a quickie plssssss!
BIMPE: time has gone and he will be back soon.
SWORD: baby pls it won’t be long, I promise it won’t exceed 10mins
BIMPE:. Are u sure?
SWORD: I promise
BIMPE: ok dear, set the stage, don’t let me meet you with clothes on and make sure its a hot ride. I will be there in a jiffy.
SWORD: ok dear, I will be waiting.
Chai!!, I shouted again and this time they asked me what’s wrong but I couldn’t say anything. I stepped out of the bank. And was wondering if I am
not day-dreaming. Just as I was thinking of what next to do. My phone beeped and its a message from bimpe “baby, pls I left my school ID card at my
cousins place, I am on way to get it. I will be back in 20mins time pls”.
I don’t know when I started crying. I was crying like a baby on the express. I said to myself.“This time, Onihaxy, u must teach this bastard a lesson she will never forget in her life.
[PART 5] [10:45AM]
just as i was standing infront of the bank and crying like someone who lost his dick, my fone rang. I looked at the screen and it was Segun. I do call him“sege the guru” because he is an ICT engineer and also into networking.
SEGE: ogbeni how far? Ur number no dey go since yesterday.
Me: sege how far?
SEGE: I dey o. Wetin do ur voice, u no dey sound normal guy
ME: I have been duped by a woman i love so much.
SEGE: say wetin, abeg pick a bike dey come oba-ile right now. I stoppd a bike going to oba-ile where segun lives. After 8mins. am at segun’s room
Me: (knocked on Segun’s door)
SEGE: who be that?, come in.
I entered, sat down, then without wasting time, I summarized the whole episode to sege in 3minutes.
SEGE:“were ni e o!”omo porta ti lo agbari fun e. Ode ni e. (It means: u are a lunatic, a portharcourt babe has played a brain on u, u are a fool.)
ME: no be my fault, this babe fine die and get assets front and back. I just so much love her
SEGE: Ogbeni, you are the“baddest maga ever liveth”
ME: thank u. Wetin i go come do now segun?
SEGE: no worry, we go arrange collect part or the whole of that 10k from her, u go still straff her free for the next 2days and u go discharge her without giving her a kobo
Me: is that possible?, how i go take do am? Just immediately, a message came in from adebimpe saying “baby, i’m on my way back”. I showed it to sege. He laughed and said to me.“ogbeni, if u fall
again this time, then u don break world maga record”. He opened a bulk sms application on his phone, drafted
an Access bank debit alert of 25k and sent it to my line.
Me: what should i do with it?
SEGE: Show it to her wen u reach home, tell her say ATM debit the whole 25k wey u wan give her and the money no come out of the machine, so u dey go the bank tomorrow to complain. But if she no fit wait, tell her say u get person wey u fit collect the money from
and then call me make i show. We go dey write d script on whatsapp as u dey go. But make sure u clear the whatsapp chats after ooo?.
I dashed out of segun’s house and went home straight, on getting home, i met
adebimpe sitting on the bed restless. As i entered, she hugged me and gave me a kiss.
BIMPE: baby, u look unhappy, what happend?
Me: ** i brought out my fone and showed her the alert and then acted the drama as directed by segun***
bimpe wore a sad face
BIMPE: What do we do now? This is
11:08am and I must get to PHC today.
ME: ok relax, let me call a friend to borrow me 20k to give you, I will sort him when u are gone. I picked up my phone and called segun to come.
Bimpe hugged and kissed me again and said “u are a darling”. I asked of the surprise she promised earlier,
she said i should wait till my friend leaves so that no one will disturb. I replied“ok”.Segun arrived at about 10mins later.
ME: sege my guy. Pls i need ur help, my babe wan return to school today and ATM fucked up. Abeg borrow me 20k till tomorrow.
SEGUN: lai lai, the 8k wey u borrow last time, u neva return am and u wan collect another one. I go give u the 20k only after u refund the previous 8k.
ME: Sey na because of 8k u come dey disgrace me infront of my babe? U don fall my hand I swear. Abeg i go give u the two together. Trust me.
SEGUN: lai lai, find means and give me the 8k first. Then i turned to bimpe.
Me: bimpe, pls do u have 8k with you, let me give this guy so that he can give me the 20k.
BIMPE: i dont have that amount, the only money on me is 5,500 and its a money that my friend gave me to buy weavon for her from akure.
ME: Don’t worry, give me 5k out of it, since i’m giving you 20k in return, u can then sort your friend. She gave me the 5k and i gave it to segun.
ME: Now wey i don give u 5k out of 8k, can u now help me?
SEGUN: Se u know say u be aque? (Aque means goat in hausa). If not because of ur pretty girlfriend, i no go help u. Let me go home and bring the money, I will be back in 10mins time.
Immediately after segun’s departure, she gave me the surprise.
We had a hot romance which led to one round of sweet sex. 3mins after the sex, segun called, i picked and put on loud speaker.
Me: sege how far?, where is the money now?
SEGUN: wahala don shele oo. As i dey come ur place the other time, i forgot to lock my door, before i reach home, dem don carry my lappy and left with the 30k I had at home.
ME: Eyah!. So sorry oo! Wetin go come happen now? Abeg se u fit return that 5k, I go find means add to it give my babe?
SEGUN: U dey mad ni. **segun hanged up the call.
Immediately after segun’s departure, bimpe looked into my eyes while she sat on the bed. “Onihaxy, I love you. You are cool, cute, gentle and caring, where have you been all this while when I was looking for a good guy?”.
She then moved close and kissed me and we started kissing passionately. I took hold of her bosoms and ooohh, they were really soft and she stiffled a moan as I touched her nipple. She said “I’m afraid that you will dump me after having sex with me because that
is how you guys always do.”, I replied,“baby u know I so much love you. If not, I won’t be running
everywhere to get money for you…,she smiled and resumed the kissing. I ripped off her top and descended voraciously on her swollen Tits. I
furthered downward to unzip her jeans trouser. I was shocked at what I saw,bimpe was pantless… Why
pantless. I asked?. She replied“I’m not always comfortable with pants”. But I thought to my self“chaii!, swordman must have a hand in this pantless issue. She pulled down my jeans and boxers and saw my erect manliness, she simply rubbed it and den she
sat down with her legs open and her Kitty-Cat dripping wet. Chai, bimpe is not tight and I noticed something like Fluid on her Vjay hair. I slid my
condomize dick into her and she gasped. My heart skipped two beats
as i felt my dick heating up and she continued to moan louder. We switch to canine after about 4minutes of the sex
and I continued going in and out faster and she begged for more which I gave her ultimately. We lasted for the next 6mins and I cum. It was obvious that she noticed that I wasn’t excited about
the sex. What’s wrong baby? Bimpe asked. Nothing, I replied.
Bimpe: Onihaxy, do you truly love me?
ME: why did u ask again?
BIMPE: I just want to be sure because you are the only guy I have in my life after breaking up with my ex. And I don’t want to suffer for love again.
ME: I assured you of my love yinmu
BIMPE:. Ok dear, let me get a shower and dress up while we await uncle segun. She stood from the bed Unclad, she walked twisting the fresh fair booty as she opened the door to the
bathroom. I took my phone and checked my whatsapp messages. I got a message from sege.“Mr maga,
flash me when u are through with your girl. If I call you, make you put am for loud speaker, I want act another
drama…………..NOT YET OVER!
[PART 6] [11:40AM]
Bimpe: onihaxy, what is all this now?, how do I leave here now, your friend went home to bring money only for him to call that his house was robbed.
ME: I’m amazed too, infact, I don’t know what to do and I don’t know anybody else who can borrow me
this money.
BIMPE: I must leave here today oooo, see the time now, its 11:52am already. I must leave here ooooooooo. Find something to do ooooo!
****she started bahaving funny******
ME: what do u suggest I do now?.
BIMPE: I don’t know ooooo. Just think of how you will get T-fare for me that will take me to PHC. Maybe you should call uncle segun back and beg him to refund that 5k, I will sort out how to get home myself.
ME: I’m not sure if segun will refund the money, but I think of. something. Why not beg your cousin to borrow you the money. And when I send it to your account, you will refund back to him
BIMPE: I told you that my cousin is stingy and that we fought before my departure. Infact, when I went there to pick my school ID card, I gave him the best insults of his life. Dear, can you imagine what he said when I got there?
ME: what dear?
BIMPE: he said I should help him to fetch water from the well at the 5th house away from his house after he refused to give me money.
ME: but na waoo!, that your cousin no dey try oooo. I wish to know him sha
BIMPE: pls no be dat one dey do me. Help me find means to reach PHC. Call uncle segun and beg him
ME: ok.…..I picked my phone and dial sege’s number and placed it on speaker.
ME: sege, how far na, abeg help me with that 5k, my babe dey cry here and he wan comot today.
SEGE: I no fit drop am ooo, dem don thief the one wey I get for house so this 5k na the last thing on me.
ME: abeg help me now.
SEGE: ok wait, let me call Akin and talk to him, I will get back to you and he hanged up.….I don’t know who Akin is but I am sure SEGE is up to another drama.. After 2minutes, segun called back.
SEGE: guy, I don talk to akin. He say him fit try help u make u come meet am, but him talk say I must dey there as guarantor incase of wahala.
ME: no problem now, how we go waka abeg?
SEGE: come meet me for house make we go together go meet akin. Hope money for bike dey your hand oooo, I no go pay for any bike oooo. Akin talk
say him fit help you with 10k.
ME: thanks, I will be on my way. I hanged up I opened my wallet and found out that I had just 200naira inside. I turned to bimpe.
ME: baby, there is another problem,
BIMPE: what is the problem again my dear, go and meet the so called akin now and get the money for me to leave here, its 12:00 already now.
ME: I have just 200naira with me and if I should calculate the fare from my house to segun’s house and from segun’s house to akin’s house, I will spend 600naira since segun is going with me.
BIMPE: ok, take this remaining 500naira I have with me and add it to the 200naira with you. Pls be fast and hurry
ME: ok ****i collected the 500naira, dashed out of the house, stopped a 50naira bike and went to meet
On reaching segun’s house.
Me: sege how far
Sege: mr maga. How u dey?
Me: na me be mr maga abi?, ur papa. Who is akin that u are talking about?.
Sege: u be mumu. U no knw say na drama i dey act?.
Me: just kidding. I don collect the remaining 500naira wey she hold.
Sege: confirm Ur head don dey work. How u take do am?
Me: i tell her say i no get t-fare take come ur place, she give me the 500.
Sege: dat one nice, so ur balance remain 4,500 be that.
Me: oya give me the 5k make i dey go home.
Sege: u dey craze. So, u wan go give her the money abi?
Me: i just hold am. But to be serious, i dey pity bimpe sha.
sege: u be mumu. She pity u wen she collect ur money go Bleep person for free at ijoka?
Me: but she get test tomorrow na.
Sege: let her fail. Dat one go dey remind her say “magacology”na bad elective.
Me: wetin i go come do next?,
Sege: leave this money with me, dey go house go meet ur babe. Tell her say akin no see him atm card make she wait till 2maro wen u go enter bank go
settle ur debit palava. Update me on whatsapp on any development
Me: ok
i left segun’s house, stopped a bike an went home straight.
Me: sweetheart, helo
bimpe: dear, its unfair oo. U left since morning knowing that I will travel
me: so sorry dear.
Bimpe: oya where is the money?, its 1pm already, let me start going.
Me:***i broke the bad news as directed by segun.
Bimpe was sad, she frowned and started ranting. She picked her box and bag.
Me: dear, pls wait till 2moro, i will go to bank to settle the atm debit and give u the money.
Bimpe: i have test tomorow, i cant wait. Let me go to my cousin and beg him again hopefully he can help me.
Me: but why are u going with your loads.
Bimpe: i dont have much time, if i can get the money, i will leave from there, but if i cant, i will return here to sleep. Bimpe picked her loads and left at around 1:20pm. Immediately after she left, her number wasn’t reachable again. I said to my self,“chaiii, thunder fire segun and bimpe o. So i no go yansh this girl this nite”?. I opened her facebook account but no recent chat. I updated segun on whatsapp and he told me to lock up that bimpe is gone. So i zeroed my mind that she has left akure and that i paid 4,500 for one
round of sex. Up till 8pm, her number isnt reachable, i dropped my fone and slept off. At about 9:40pm, i heard a knock on my window. I asked“who is that?”. Its me bimpe, come and open the entrance door for me, the voice
[PART 7] [9:42pm]
I jumped up, my dick suddenly got erect as i was heading towards the door and said to myself, let the fucking begin…
I ushered bimpe inside. Her face looks swollen, she looks so much unhappy. I took her bags from her and we entered the room.
Me: bimpe, what happened to your lines?, you have been unreachable, I don’t know how to find you. You have scared me……. Bla bla bla.
BIMPE: ****silence for a moment and then later talked****, my dear, I really suffered today. A lot happend that I can’t explain.
ME: pls dear, tell me anything that happened, you fought your cousin again?
BIMPE: something like that,
ME: he doesn’t give you the money?. And why?
BIMPE:: so many things are better left unsaid. I can’t just talk right now.
ME: but why were you late?
BIMPE: we were settling the quarrel. And also, he sent me on another errand. That is what took my time.
ME: eyah, so sorry. How will you go about your test now?
BIMPE: I have called my friends in my department to arrange for me. But dear, do me a favour.
ME: what’s that?
BIMPE: can you please increase the money you are collecting tomorrow to 30k pls, I have to settle my lecturer incharge of this course I should write tomorrow.
ME: no problem
BIMPE: and one more thing please
ME: what is that dear?
BIMPE: maybe you should go to that akin first to get the money incase if bank issue will not settle
tomorrow and pls make it early. Latest before 9AM.
ME: no problem
****all through this conversation, bimpe isn’t happy at all, she look disappointed. I tried to figure out what happened but I couldn’t.
BIMPE: pls I’m seriously hungry, is there anything I can eat before I take my bath?
ME: there is rice inside the pot. Go and warm it and eat.
****bimpe stood up still not smiling and went to the kitchen. While she was in the kitchen. Her fone which is on my bed gave a facebook notification sound. I knew it must be a facebook message but I couldn’t open it due to her security password. I decided
to check it later. Few minutes later, she was through with the food and she came back to the room, and said, I want to have my bath, do you care to join?. On hearing this, my body moved, my dick responded instantly. Just as I stood up to pull of my cloths, I heard another knock on my window“ko ko ko ko”****who is that?. its me seun, a voice replied. Seun is my neighbour, he occupies the first“one room selfcontain”in the compound. Our house is a block of 6 selfcons that has only one main entrance.

We all have to pass through the entrance from outside.
Seun had travelled to lagos 3days earlier and just arrived at past 10 as at the time of knocking. I went outside to open the main entrance door for him, as my sure neighbour, we went to his room, gist a little about the journey, why he came late, what he brought for me and stuffs like dat, I spent like 15minutes with seun, he gave me a long bread. I went back to the room and met adebimpe on towel pressing her phone with the 2 hands which indicates that she was chating wit someone. But she still look unhappy. As I drew close to her on the bed, she closed her facebook application, pressed the lock button and dropped the phone. Can we have our bath now?, bimpe asked. I replied YES. She went into the bathroom and I followed her.
What is wrong with you bimpe?, u look sad,I asked. She replied, “I just had a stressful day”. She removed her towel. Oh my God!, those bosoms were averagely big and firm, my dick resurrected inside my boxers, she noticed this and smile. But I could perceive the smell of “recent sex”on her which I never mind. I opened the shower, I bath first while she follows. We bleeped for like 15minutes in the
bathroom before she cum and I did the same. We left the bathroom and went to the bed. But sumthing is wrong somewhere. Bimpe is not tight and also, she neva smiled, she still looks sad after the sex. On getting to the bedroom, we had another sex but it was so boring because bimpe made it seem like a“forced sex”. No glamour, no anxiety, then I knew something must be wrong between her and her “so-called cousin”. 3minutes after the second sex, bimpe said,“please don’t forget to go out early for that money in the morning please and I want to sleep, good night. I replied also“good night”.
But I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about why bimpe is unhappy, who sent the message?, what
happened?, few minutes later, bimpe called my name twice which I didn’t respond. I pretended as if I was
asleep. She then rose up, picked her fone and headed for the bathroom. I over head her saying“please I beg u
for the sake of the love between us, pls forgive me”. Pls come online on facebook and let’s chat please”.
She“tipped-toed”back to the bed, called me again,I didn’t respond and then she started chating for another 45 minutes. I couldn’t stop her because I
want to know what transpired between her and her caller. I decided to wait till I wake up before I find out.
[PART 8] [3:58AM]
*****i woke up early around 4am, bimpe was still sleeping, I picked up my phone, opened her facebook as usual and read her recent conversations.
SWORD:, why are you calling me?, I told you not to call me again, what else do you want?
BIMPE: I can explain everything please.
SWORD: what is it that you want to explain. I told you my neighbor who has a shop at ODA road said he saw you coming out from a house infront of his shop earlier today with your box and bag, he even said the guy saw u off to where u took bike, and when u left here today, you went back to the same house with your bag and he saw you also. He even told me the guy is your boyfriend isn’t it?. So is that your daddy’s friend you are talking about?.
BIMPE: pls is not what you think. Pls, let me explain.
SWORD: what is it that you want to explain?
BIMPE: the guy is my elder brother’s friend. I only went there to deliver message to him.
SWORDMAN: you went there to deliver message to him and he went to the chemist opposite his house to buy condom a day before you arrived?
*******chaiii!, I knew its badmus the chemist guy infront of my house. I was there on friday to buy condom before bimpe’s arrival, and when I saw bimpe off. On my way home, he called me and said my babe is beautiful oooo. He asked, is that the new catch?. I said“no ooo, we have been dating for the past 5 months and she used to come around. Maybe u don’t notice”; Ur condom don expire ooooo, the thing dey quick burst. I only make mouth and joked that day. And I remember he used to tell me he lives in ijoka at sunday bustop.
……Back to the chat.
BIMPE: pls I don’t have anything with him please.
SWORDMAN. Did u know that after the quicksex we had this afternoon, I traced ur destination with a bike
as u were going and it matched the exact location I heard of?. So all this years that we have been dating, you have been cheating on me?.
BIMPE: ok, let me confess, he is not my boyfriend and I don’t love him, u are the only one I love. U remembered I said I want to visit you in akure this month which you said you don’t have money on you, but I missed you and which to see you and feel ur arms again after 3months that we hadn’t see, then I told him I want to come to akure to see him, he fell for it and sent me Tfare. That’s how I got to akure and after seeing him for 10mins, I came down straight to ur place to spend the rest of my stay. please understand.
SWORD: and decided to go back to him to collect another T-fare without having sex with him?
BIMPE: believe me, he is just a puppet. He so much seem to like me that he can give me anything. But its you that I love sodiq. I love you so much. I just used him and exploit him to get close to the person that I love which is you please.
SWORD: so how do u explain the condom he bought?
BIMPE: that one is a lie sodiq, infact, I didn’t allowed him to kiss me, u and I have been dating for 2years now, I can’t just cheat on you.
SWORD:. And you want to tell me you will not have sex this night?
BIMPE: I swear, I told him I’m a virgin and that I don’t want to be touched till my wedding nite which he agrees to. Pls believe me, am just using him and
exploiting him pls. If I don’t love you, I won’t stay till that late nite before leaving your place.. Plssss.
SWORD: but I gave you 5k while u were leaving my place previously, why don’t you take transport with
that and travel?
BIMPE: I told u I want to use the money to make my hair, and I want to exploit this guy to get my Tfare and some provisions. Its because of the love I have for you that makes me not to bother you about my needs. Pls sodiq, don’t make this thing complicated
SWORD: thanks for all the sweet sex anyways. My regards to your new boyfriend and don’t ever call me again, I mean it. Bye. **********chaiiii, na me be“exploitation and usability mugu?” Chaiiiii, this girl must suffer today. I woke her up, looked into her eyes and said it boldly for the first time. Bimpe,“I want to have sex”
BIMPE: baby, I am weak, and beside, I’m not an intimacy gadget that you can just pick and play with.
ME: I’m sorry dear, I just have the urge rite now please.
BIMPE: I just don’t have the urge this morning. Just go out and get me money to go to PHC today please.
ME: so u are refusing me?
BIMPE: yes, maybe when you give me the money you promised, we can then have a good sex.
ME: then I am not in the mood to go out also. How will I need love making from my girl and she will refuse it. And I will try to please her whenever she
needs anything.
BIMPE:. ****frowned face*****, so its because of the money you wanted to give me that is making you to wake me up for sex?. Do you think I’m a prostitute?, do u think I can’t survive without your money?”
******** bimpe started ranting*********
She stood up, arranged her bag, wore her sandals and left the house.
****i remain inside without any motive to look for her. I said to myself,“atleast, I have had a Bleep of the value of my money.
I picked my phone to update segun about the latest happenings.
He hailed me on whatsapp saying“mr maga don dey get sense be that.
Now it was around 5:10am, I was still on my bed, doing meditation on how the day would look like, then I saw
my door opened, and behold, I saw bimpe. Back intothe room with her bags*****
BIMPE:, see, I didn’t come
back because of the money you want to give me. I only came back because I love you
ME: baby, you know I loved you too, I am so sorry for my
approach the other time. Its because of my uncontrollable urges.
BIMPE: its ok dear.
Bimpe dropped her back, sat on the bed with me and came closer.
“Onihaxy, u know I love you so much, I came all the way from PHC just because of you. Why are you treating me like this?” Bimpe said.
I am sorry once again. Pls forgive me.
I pulled bimpe closer, placed her back on my chest, I wrapped her in my arms and “yinmu” on her. I bend my head forward and kissed her, she responded and held my head towards her. We kissed passionately. Then I dipped my
hand into her round neck blouse, located her nipples again and started
handling them. I squeezed and
pressed. This time, bimpe
started moaning softly. Then I moved my hands down to her mini-
skirt, I pulled it up; behold, bimpe is pantless. I started fingering-bleeping, I dipped one finger in, twisting it and
knocking the walls of the Kitty-Cat.
I increased it to 2 fingers, then 3 fingers. I stopped finger-bleeping and began tilting her female-core. I pulled off her shirt and sucked the bosoms.
Bimpe’s moaning increased. She turned
aroung, grabbed my erected dick and covered it with her mouth. She suck-licked and spat on it.
After few minutes of sucking, I dipped my hand under my mattress, picked my condom, wore it and lie down down on my back. Bimpe sat on my pointed dick and start the “woman at the top pounding”. Ohhhhh!, yeeeeeah!, huuuuuuch!, hmmmmmm!,Heeeee!, give it to me baby! bimpe moaned at different tempo, going up and
hitting her a$$ on my thigh. She twisted round and began a “reversed
cow girl” sex. I was having a good view of her a$$ while she was moving up and down on me. I pushed her forward into a kneeling position and stroke her from the back.
Bimpe was shouting, harder baby!, faster! faster!, deeper! deeper!, mess. So many tones and tempos. I wasn’t
responding to well because its a “mission sex”. We kept switching position till we were both tired at around past 11am. We both lied Unclad on the bed and slept off.
*********wake up, wake up, wake up!. I
heard someone tapping me. It was bimpe. I opened my eyes and found bimpe on the bed well dressed up.
Bimpe: hurry up to get the money and let me start leaving
Me: ******smiled*********
BIMPE: why smiling dear, did I say anything funny?
ME:****i looked straight into her eyes and said to her*******
Adebimpe, you are not getting a single kobo from me.
Bimpe:**** was shocked and restless*** Abeg if na joke, just stop
am abeg…..
Bimpe: if na joke, u better stop am
ME: **i looked at her straight face****, just kidding dear. I only want to study ur “anger management”.
BIMPE: better. So how are we moving?, I’m set already.
ME: I thought of something, banks don’t resolve debit issue in a day. So let me call akin, *****i picked my phone, made a fake call as I distance myself a bit from bimpe to avoid Bleep up************ “ok akin, thanks bro. I will come there with segun
to get it right away”, then I hanged up…
BIMPE: hmmmm, those promise and fail
friends you have abi?
ME: no dear, Akin is not like that, he is a
good guy unlike segun. He is so nice dear. So let me call segun to inform him.
BIMPE: ok, go ahead and make the call
*****i picked my fone, dialled segun’s
number. I told him we should meet at akin’s place this morning to get the money****, I hanged up
ME: bimpe, I’m going to miss you dear
BIMPE: me too
ME: when next are we seeing?
BIMPE: whenever u are ready to finance the journey. But this time, u will send TO and FRO money to avoid another delay.
ME: ok dear.
*****i moved closer to her, grabbed her
head and kiss her again, she responded and reciprocated. I whispered into her ear, “I want to feel you one more time baby”. She resisted at first. When
she saw my frowned face. She came over to me, and said
BIMpE: but why do u like sex dis much?
ME: Its not like that, I just don’t like to be rejected when I needed it.
BIMPE: do u truly love me?
ME: yes of course
BIMPE: then why the rush?
*********i knew bimpe is not giving in this time, so I started calling her sweet names, telling her sweet words, reminded her of how I loved her, how we will run our home when married.
BIMPE: then why don’t u propose to me and engage me?
ME: you know this is the first time of our meeting, all my proposing plan is still our next meeting, I want to make it a surprise to you.
******bimbe was just quiet, so I moved
closer to her and kissed
her, we started kissing so passionately, I moved my hands down
to her shirts, she held my hand and said ” I don’t want to scatter
my dressing, just wait”.
She unhooked her trouser, pulled it down with her pants to knee
level. Bends and positioned her a$$ to me. “Onihaxy” now u can
get what you want” she said. Without wasting time. I pulled off my boxers, raised the mattress, picked a condom, wear it and slid it in from the back. It was so sweet that she keeps moaning, yeeeah! babyyy! I will miss youuuuu,baby I love uuuuu, oooouch.
Switching tempos. Finally, I cum after 8minutes. She clean up with tissue, while I did the same.
BIMPE: now that you are satisfied, can you go now?
ME: ok *********i dashed out of the house to meet segun*********

Me: sege, how I go take discharge this girl now?, I no get the liver to tell her make she dey go without
SEGE:, just tell her say you saw her
messages, show it to her and pursue her comot.
ME: I still don’t have the liver.
SEGUN: sebi u don’t Bleep sumtin wey worth your 4,500balance?
ME: something like that.
SEGUN: oya “rinso” make I go finish her for you.
ME: na u go do all the talking ooooo.
SEGE: chaiiii, u no be only maga but certified mumu. Abeg waka make we go.
*******we left his house and got to my
apartment*************** segun greeted bimpe.
SEGE: our wife, how you dey?
BIMPE: I’m fine, I’m so sorry about the last robbery incident,
SEGE: no mention jaree, sebi na dis my
MUMU friend cause am, if no be dat, I no go leave my room open to the extent of been robbed.
*********by now I was shaking and blinking at segun to stop cos I was afraid*********
BIMPE: mumu kee?, abeg my husband no mumu ooooo, I no like
dat word, I no dey take my husband joke with people oooo
SEGE: really?, if no be say he mumu, he
suppose know say another guy dey Bleep him babe for free in this akure?
BIMPE:*****was curious****** which babe? ****turns to me****
onihaxy, so u get another babe for this
akure? Upon how I loved you?,
SEGE: madam calm down, na u I dey talk to.
BIMPE: me?*****raised eye brow*****
SEGE: yes, we know you be sex machine so te “sodiq”
wey dey live ijoka, Sunday bustop to be precised. How u sleep
there for 2 nites, how u went there yesterday for quickee, how u
suck………….. ****now I was vibrating, just watching the two of them with my
mouth sealed, my heart was beating
BIMPE: *****turns to me****baby, what is the meaning of the rubbish your friend is saying?. And you are there?, u can’t talk?. Abegi I no get time to yarn trash, give me my money make I dey
SEGE: u are not getting any kobo here.
****segun collects my fone, opened facebook and started reading all the conversations out from beginning to the end.
BIMPE:****sober and started crying and
faced me******baby, I can explain this, its not what you think
ME: ********looked her with a little
courage****** nothing to explain bimpe. Whatever segun says is
SEGE:, before the count of ten, I want you out of this house or else I will molest you.******segun start to pull off his belt*******
BIMPE: please I will leave*****turned to
me******baby pls for God’s sake, I love you so much, I can explain. *****i felt so sorry for her that my eyes were soaked. I feel like stopping segun but he looks to determined. I couldn’t watch bimpe moving in tears that I had to face the wall till she left.
**********that was the last time I saw
bimpe. 2days later, she blocked me on her facebook, whatsapp and deleted me on BBM. I tried calling her so many times but she will not pick up.


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Patience is an act that is inbuilt and yet practicable. It is not hereditary yet it flows in traits. It has long existed in the early days of our first parents and still in existence till date. It is practiced by humans of all ages and at various stages but the rates at which this virtue is exercised, varies. In one way or the other, all humans exercises patience at one time or the other willingly or forcefully but it pays to be patient at al times and no matter what.

As we grow in life, their is a lot of mutual relationships existing between us and our immediate neighbour which pictures a full portray of this virtue. Our parents were patient enough to watch us grow, providing for us our basic needs and amenities. We were also patient in going through the hurdles of life in other to become somebody of great affluence in the society. At our various places of work, we exercise patience; either incurred in the course of your duty or in your interaction / relationship with one another.

The importance of exercising this virtue can ‘make or break’ an individual. Mortality rates resulting from impatience is on the increase and can be seen on our roads and high ways. Everybody is in a haste to get to their destination. This can also be seen obviously (impatience) in our markets, filling stations, restaurants, schools, place of work, …name it.

As a farmer, you have to exercise patient either willingly or forcefully or you will be left to reap fruits that won’t stand the test of time. Every humans exercise this virtue in a way and manner that best suits. Patience on another perspective might mean doing the right thing the right way it should be done or observing the right procedures and mechanics required for its execution. As a student, we exercise patient by seriously studying hard to pass our exams. As a footballer, you go through rigorous training in other to come out fit to win a tournament. As a farmer, you go through the pains of tilling, planting and waiting for the harvest in other to “eat in the shade”. As a baby, you undergo discomfort even though your voice is heard and not understood and yet bears it knowing fully well that at a certain time, you will scale through that stage. As an apprentice, you serve your boss under harsh conditions knowing one day you will become a boss of your own.

We all are faced with numerous challenges in life but in other to succeed and come out a victor, we have to exercise patience. If you are reading this little piece today, just know its a means of calling your attention to always exercise patience in whatsoever you find yourself doing, wherever you find yourself or the condition / state at which you find yourself.
Screen_20150128_08277 Screen_20150128_082657



Idrees Ibrahim popularly called ” SHABZY ” is a talented rap artist, a song writer, a leader and a visionist. He has many tracks to his credit and has featured many top artistes both abroad and home. Currently, he is the founder of a very popular crew making wave now in the music industry and trending so fast. He hails from the great city of Ilorin in Kwara state and his numerous achievements so far in taking music industry in kwara state to the next level has made our crew pay him a visit for an official interview. Out of his tight schedule, he entertained us at the Towers, Princess Luxury and Resorts, Ilorin Kwara State. Where he was to perform at a show organised by the management of princess luxury and resort. Below are our conversations with him:

SHABZY: ” My names are Idrees Ibrahim a.k.a Shabzy”


SHABZY: “I was born in ilorin on the 6th day of April, 1990,am from patigi local government area of kwara state,am a rap artist,a singer and a song working with a crew called DREAM CHASERS MUSICAL GROUP (D.C.M.G). It’s a group i formed with a few friends who has d same believe as me,in a nutshell its a musical and rap group. Currently we have a viral video out which we shot at Bida Niger state of Nigeria. It was shot there because that is where d crew is currently making waves”.


SHABZY: “Shabzy is my stage name,coined from my local name Shaaba….they call me ‘Onikoyi’ too and recently the name ‘jagunlabi’ is gradually making way coz of a song i did with the same title but the a.k.a still stand as Shabzy”.


SHABZY: “I took up music as a career in 2012. My debut song should be a song i did way back with the title ‘e mi Shabzy noni’…I rapped on Dagrin’s instrumentals of d song ponponpon”.


SHABZY: “Hip hop,i rap mostly then i sing a little bit
So i see myself as a rapper”.


SHABZY: “Won’t really call it achievement coz am not where i wish to be yet…but its all good,i shot a video with my crew n people are beginning to reckon with us…I have attended many shows and I have been nominated for so many awards, I have also done some projects with the likes of Johnny Brown of Ghana, our own Sleeky P, South Africa’s Rhymes Tee and so many others. Very soon we shall get there. Am working on another hot single, a’int disclosing the title now but trust me its Dope, just keep your fingers crossed and watchout for Shabzy”!

SHABZY: “Good music and my good fellow artists inspires me to do good music,but my most inspiration is almighty God because without him i won’t b here today”.


SHABZY: “Entertainment in kwara state and Nigeria is moving in a very fast pace from what it use to be way back when i was still very young…these days u see alot of investors and show promoters encouraging up coming artist whereas way back its wasn’t like that”.

SHABZY: “No record label for now,just a young guy hustling…but i have my own crew, dream chasers(D.C.M.G)of which i told u earlier. That is my back bone for now after d almighty God”.

SHABZY: “Dagrin is the first mentor i had,he inspired me a lot,now people like reminisce and the likes of them in the music industry…every good artist inspires me”.

SHABZY: “God bless them and please keep supporting good music….team Shabzy(D.C.M.G) promise never to disappoint u…one love,stay positive in what you know how to do best”.

CAMERA TIME OUT>>>>>>>>>>>
That has been our conversation with Shabzy himself, I know his fans will be proud of him. From the management and crew of , we wish him the best in his quest for excellence.


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Now it must surprise you to know that its not everybody you see smiling in a game house (football viewing center) that truly has that sparkling looks sinking down his heart. Truly, it might be people’s favorite team winning but to him, its a loss. Ask me why?. For the guys, they quite understand this phenomenon which might look like an illusion to the ladies. The secret behind this is ‘GAMBLING’. It has ruined many and has led a lot to doom and still leading. Statistics shows that 70% of those who gamble are on a general loss in terms of the required winnings to the amount they have staked so far since the inception of them betting. Gambling is a topic to be deliberated on in later episodes on this platform but just in case you were mistaken to visit a game house, please your immediate neighbour might be your worst enemy especially when his ticket to winning depends solely on that match you both are watching.
Now to the business of the day. As a victim of gambling, I was supposed to win a particular amount of money though huge on this fateful day as their was enough predictions to make since it was the onset of the Barclays Premier League. Moreso, as a means of paying back my debts, I resolved to betting because I was kinda lucky to win quite some amount of money last season. Who cares to remember how much I lost. I don owe people like say na my papa get central bank.
Luck has always been on my side from the first day the matches commenced because my predictions were accumulated on my ticket and scheduled to be played different days. A day before the last game, I was so happy and delighted cos its coming to me like a dream which will soon become a reality. The games were coming one after the other and excitement was increasing as the day goes by. The bad side of this act is that even when you loose, you still get a spirit to encourage you to play one more game that you might just be a winner if only you can correct a slight mistake on your next prediction. I thought to myself,only if I could get such spirit of encouragement in all I do in life. When you win, you see yourself as a boss and a braniac but when you loose, oops! You have yourself to blame for choosing the team in the first place.
I was in the game house this fateful day with all excitement, positive wishes and plans on how I will settle my debtors. It was the last game on my ticket and if it eventually comes in my favour, another plan was being made on how I will get to claim my winning first thing tomorrow morning. I knew only little about football but I have always grown to love the sport. I was never a novice in betting too so the confidence was there. We have a valid subscription of the Unique bouquet on our DSTV but wooops! I don’t want to watch it at home.
PSG ( Paris St. German ) must just win over Lyon because statistics of both team has no comparison, PSG has won more league titles than Lyon over the years and more so am a fan of ‘IBRAHIMOVIC’. Just like every other spectator, fan and mere critics, I was sitted in the viewing center. A lot of argument ensued amongst fans just before the commencement of the match and majorly stressed was, ‘who is better in shots between Ibrahimovic and Christiano Ronaldo’. I joined in the argument but I was driven with the excitement that part of me will soon smile to a bingo! While the other part was in positive expectation.
Just before the whistling to mark the commencement of the match, my phone rang; it was Jude. ” Guy how far about my money na”? . In excitement, I answered “O’boy, why you dey worry me cos of 15,000?, I say I go give you. Infact, first thing tomorrow morning, come collect ya money”. In an excited anger, I terminated the call. Now jude was not the only person am owing and his amount was not the least amongst the amount am owing people but all hopes to refund the whole money was high because to me, It is quite certain that this money is just coming.
The match commenced and just at the onset, I got a flash on my phone; this time it was Prisca,my girlfriend. Its her birthday next week and I have promised to wear her a Brazilian hair plus an exotic shopping on her birthday. “Its nothing”, I mumbled to myself and quickly got in the game. The pressure was being kept at minimum but behold all attempt for PSG to score was in shambles. The star man on the pitch, ‘Ibrahimovic’ was being marked seriously by two(2) strong defenders who wouldn’t allow him to break through their defence. Both teams were on their best today.
“Ah! Miracle must just happen ooo!, ibro you must do something”, I exclaimed. Soon I noticed I was the only person talking with the loudest voice as people were beginning to look surprisingly at me.

I was getting uncomfortable where I sat and to me I should be jubilating by now. Before I knew what was happening, it was the end of the first half, still goaless and with low chances of expecting a win in the second half let alone of a 2.5 goal margin ( I predicted on two(2) tickets, on one; that PSG will have a full time win and on the other; that the goal margin will be atleast 2 goals in the game from both sides. Those who are into it will understand better.
My mind and hopes were beginning to get divided. “Guy,what if dem no score reach 2goals”? ” What if them play goal-less”? “Ah! No ooo! Lyon no fit beat PSG, e no fit happen. I was talking to myself. I was beginning to loose hope on the ticket that I predicted for goals but I just had this strong hope that PSG will score a winning goal. Arguments continued as the statistics of the match were being drawn but to me, am not hearing anything. All I was listening to was my inner self that just kept encouraging me that my ticket will come. Make I no lie for you, I began praying in my mind; “God, pls let this game come pls” . No be small thing, see prayer!. I was the only one who knew what was going on inside of me but on the outside, it was smiles all through. I was just gazing with a bulgy eyes on the mouths of the people around me as they argued and I just kept saying to myself; “these people just dey make noise here, dem no know wetin person dey pass through; make dem keep quite for once na”
Some minutes before the commencement of the second half, I again got Prisca’s flash on my phone and this time it was quite annoying cos she just continued flashing and wouldn’t stop. At a point, I switched off my phone cos I needed every concentration. The second half soon began and my heart started pounding to the extent of being heard by my closest neighbour. All moves by PSG to make attempts were been defensed and countered by Lyon. There was silence in the whole building as everybody’s eyes was glued in concentration but I noticed this sad look on their faces. “Hmmm!, it seems am not the only person stucked in this dilemma”. This is just 59′ and nothing has happened, no goals recorded.
I began loosing hope and concentration and sought to start seeking for alternative. “Where I go get money from”? “How I go take settle all this people”? “My own don be for me today”. “Choi!” As I kept saying all this within me,I heard a large roar, it is a G-O-A-L!!!!!!!!!!! Goal! Goal!! Goal!!!. Quickly I joined in the shouting and didn’t take time to look at the team that scored or who scored because everybody stood up for goal and my view was obstructed. I stood up in excitement too and started shaking everybody. “Wao!, see goal, I talk am say this match no fit end in a draw”. I was still congratulating everybody but I quickly noticed this man beside me who wouldn’t celebrate with everybody. There is still jubilation in the house and I bent down to ask him and in excitement I spoke up “Bros, why you no happy, u be Lyon fan”?. He looked angrily at me and finally spoke up; E…e……like…….s..s..say….sor…s…somee…thi…something…d…de…dey…wor..wor….worry…”?. I was just so lucky that I didn’t receive a slap cos he was a conc. stammerer. ” “Bros no vex abeg” I answered. He went further on to add, ” if…I…..I…b…be…ly…ly…”Yon…fa….fa…fan, I…I…go…dey…pa…para…lyk…lyk….dis? Dem…dem…ddon…sc…score….p…pp…psg…na. U…u… see?
Now everybody was sitted and from the back where I sat, I can now see the screen. It 0 – 1. I looked again and what I saw was ( PSG 0 – 1 LYON ).

Like a dream, I wiped my eyes and looked again. I looked myside again, the stammerer has left,probably in anger. I touched the person on my left and asked “Bros, abeg na who score for PSG”? “You no dey see?, na Lyon score na, ope oooo!” he replied. In other for him not to discover anything going on inside of me, I smiled to him quickly too and said “ope ooo!”. I was not the person sitting there any longer cos I have loosed all hopes this time. How will two(2) goals come in at the 84′. Can PSG score back for the second ticket to atleast come?. Its not possible jor, I said to myself.
For the remaining 10′ along with the added extra time. I had presumed beliefs that I have lost all. The game ended and people were shaking hands. These were people who predicted 1 2 (I.e one person will emerge a winner in the match irrespective of who it is although the point is much lower than that of the person who said concisely who will win); I thought to myself, only if I had known. Everybody was leaving but I couldn’t. I was just confused on what to do and wished the game could be replayed and I re-make another prediction.
Soon it was coming to me like a flash one after the other how much I sunk into the game so far; the promises I made to my debtors, my forthcoming expenses,the money I paid to watch the match, my belongings I sold and the money I was sent as an errand to deliver to my mum which I have poured all into stakes. I was just walking away in loss to nowhere when I overheard someone wailing in tears and saying ” Ah! Mogbe, owo skul awon omo yi ti lor” (meaning; Oh! My God,these children’s school fees is gone). I looked at him again, shouldered my tears and thought to myself, AM NOT ALONE IN THIS GAME. My phone rang again and this time it was my mum, “I just got back now, where are you?”. I freezed and became dumbfounded on what next to do.

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Have you ever imagined what makes the street so unique? It is often said that if you don’t mind your business while walking on the street, then you aint gonna get to your destination. So many dreams come true while on the street through inspirations gotten from its voice while so many have been doomed and lives shattered through actions on the street.
Do you ever believe the street’s gat voice? If no,then you’d better start believing. Enough hustles and buzzes that keeps the street in its uniqueness and makes it superb sheds more light on the inspirations we get daily from it.
If you have ever been on the streets of Lagos; the fastest growing global city in Africa, you will agree with me that truly the street is a fascinating place to be. Have you not seen people who wakes’ up early in the morning, take their bath, dress really good and goes off to sit on the street? Asides the fact that they make their living from the street, they are at their duty post. They are called “EYE WITHNESS”. Their work is to argue on irrelevant issues, brag about what they are not and record all the daily happening enough for their camera (eyes) to take and then go back at night with a new tale to tell. Their voice contribute to that on the street. They are the CNN on the street where you get latest gists happening around the world (both real facts and untrue stories).
Another set of voice is that of the automobiles. Motorists have devised so many means of communicating with themselves and humans through ‘HORNING’. Cyclists even go far ahead to install heavy duty car horns that makes a hell of noise while trying to ward-off road users coupled with that made by lorries, trailers, cars and sometimes trains and distant aircraft. The sounds of their engine also contributes to the voice on the street.
Another resounding voice you hear as you move on the street is that of traders, hawkers and people selling one thing or the other. Sometimes, it is a quest for choice when their voices start clamoring on one calling you to patronize them. It often ward-off one’s attention and if you are not careful or focused, you loose concentration. Some in the process pick_up fights as a result of on-going discrepancies of one snatching one’s customer. The voices of people hawking, calling on buyers in various ways, some comic and some noisy makes up the voice on the street.
Have you ever seen people gathering at a vendor post reading our dailies? Have you noticed a particular set on suits? Did you discover a set of people who are the architect of the discussion? I.e “them carry the matter on-top their head”. Have you ever noticed some people we call ” AGAMA”?, they just shake their head in accordance to whatever point raised.
Here is a breakdown of their personalities. Most people who are gathered their are not jobless people as you may think. The real fact is, you sometimes find serious-minded people there who are gainfully employed and comfortable but just came with the sole-aim of getting updated with happenings around them. They a times pick up serious arguments when issues they are quite conversant with arises. The plain truth is that they are rarely seen there. They are there once in a blue moon.
Now not every people on suits fall into this category. An average statistics of Lagos commercial activity confims that atleast 25% of people found on the street are just “WANDERERS”. They wake up in the morning,put on suits or nice clothing and then go to those vendor posts. Some even carry portfolios, briefcases, and files (my clear bag) creating an impression for onlookers about their fake status. Most of them if virtually not all of them come to seek/read for job opportunities with their duely up to date curriculum vitae (CV) in those portfolios and briefcases. They put up serious argument and their resounding voices make up the voice on the street. The last group are the “AGAMA’s”, they don’t know anything on the point being raised, they are just there to while away time as the day goes by. Some of them are thieves, burglars, pick-pockets and spies who are just out with their own selfish interest usually a bad motive.
“AREA-BOYS” which is formerly a serious issue on our streets but drastically reduced contributes to the voice on the street. They make a hell of noise through their escapades as most of them are usually under the influence of alcohol,tobacco and narcotics. They sometimes pick-up fight with motorists,cyclists,road users or even themselves. They have no job, they are from the street and always on the street.
The last character on the street asides hawkers and traders are “LUNATICS”. They go about saying meaningless words which are meaningful to them. They sometimes produce good musics and make disgusting sounds as a result of make_up materials such as tin-can,rubber etc which they put on. Some other people also fall under this category although they are not “Total Lunatics” but they can be called “Partial Lunatics” because at some times,they say meaningful things like “Bros abeg I fit get #50 from you? I dey go maraba but the money wey dey my hand no do” or “Sister abeg I neva chop,hunger dey catch me, I fit see #20 from you?” And so many other tactics they use in extorting money from people. We all know what they say. Funniest thing about this people is that they sometimes stop you with a smile,some pretending to ask you what the time is. When you see them, they dress really fine, some even dress better than the people they beg from and when you give them and walk some distance, you find them telling same story to another soul. We call them “FINE BARA’S”.
My experience with one of them will be published on this site soom.

     STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 

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Women as their name implies have been with man right from existence and possess same powers as man; both of reasoning and ability. Chronologically, men have been sought to evolve from apes and are higher animals with high sense of reasoning.

The existence of women in our world today plays a significant role which cannot be over emphasized. Although coupled with the incessant quest for the female sex to attain power, a lot of considerations need to be put in place.

Over the years, the sex “feminine” has been trampled upon and often regarded as the ‘weaker sex’. They have not been seen as companions as the holy books call them. They have been deprived of so many rights, opportunities and have fallen victims of some serious wicked acts as result of cultural beliefs and norms.

In the olden days, women are being ostracized and banished from the community as a result of some natural occurrences which cannot necessarily be obstructed. In education, they have been deprived of the right to education as it is always said that their education ends in the kitchen, they are offered minor education. In politics, women are regarded as minorities as it was a taboo for women to rule in the early centuries. It is only of recent in this present era of the 21st century that more light is being shed and more importance being attached to the existence of the “feminine” sex as their exploits are being recorded recently and up to our present generation.

They are tireless workers with high sense of optimism, a ready heart and a listening ears. They are hardly seen as perpetrators of evil and possess a soft heart. They are good listeners and followers. Now a days, they can be seen in all fields of occupation and they are even doing better than their male counter-parts in all ramification. Asides from the fact that they are divined to bring forth children into this world which is a special gift that the male folk does not possess,they also have some other unique characteristics in terms of taking decisions that comprehends that of the man and assistance when the need arises. Their exploits can be seen in the area of engineering, media, government, politics, leadership, decision-taking, military and some other sectors not mentioned. Today at the dawn of the 21st century, the women across the world are placed at a position of advantage. They are
literally on the move. They are paying heed to their inner voice. They are no longer interested in hollow jargon and jingoism. They are finding their individual and collective voice. They are aligned with their conscience, moving ahead with purposeful strides.They are seen virtually in all sects and doing perfectly well and fine. They should be therefore encouraged and not seen as a ‘weaker sex’.

At this juncture, a lot of sentiments will be arising within the mind of the readers of this article about some immoral acts that the female folk are found indulging in, this present day such as prostitution, child-trafficking, indecent dressing, robbery and so on which they term as ways to make ends meet. These problems can also be termed as ‘modern age invented conducts’ because ladies in the ancient days (olden days) are mannered both in dressing and attitude until the advent of modernization which we call “computer age” or “jet age” when modesty has been trampled upon and our cultures and tradition are now in extinct.

Am not a feminist but we need to retrace our steps and encourage moral sex education by inculcating into the mind of every child the importance of seeing the opposite sex as equal and teach morals in our family which is the first society a child emanates.

Let me assure you that the 21st century is the century of the ‘feminine’. If you don’t believe me now, you soon will.


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Just while she thought she had gotten over her thoughts of him, her phone rang; it was Kadian calling. “Are you in town?, the voice spoke up; I just got back from the states”. “Who is on the line?” She asked retortfully unknowing to her he was the caller. On hearing that question,Kadian terminated the call and to his greatest surprise,he wondered if she had gotten over him and left no traces of his in her memory. He sought to calling her later that night before going to bed.

Tracey had always wished to hear from him for over a long time after he left for the United states as a scholarship beneficiary. Now sitting on the couch alone and wishy,thoughts about him ran through her mind. Having exhausted the little charge on her blackberry to pinging and surfing the net,she decided to rest her head.

“Oh! Is that you Kadian?” “Yea,its me” he answered with his eyes full of joy. ” I missed every bit of you”, she went further to add. Looking up to each others eyes,they kissed and had a warm hug.

Kadian was still remembering those delightful moments he had with Tracey before he left for overseas and had wished he could just have a bit of those moments again. He remembered taking her on sight-seeing,lunch,dinner and spending last of his hours before departure right in her apartment. He remembered how they both made solemn wishes to each other on their birthday-night as they were birthday-mates and a hot romantic sex that followed afterwards. He remembered the last wish he made to come back for her on his return. All these thoughts ran through his mind and before he could know it,it took him into another phase of conversation with her in disney land.

They had been dating for six months although there had been break-ups and make-ups but they truly cared for each other and their bond remained strong. Kadian was 28 before he left for the states and Tracey was 23. Now four years have been added to their ages which is not too young for them to indulge into marriage. They were the best pals on campus and were always seen together. They met in high school while kadian was in his finals and Tracey in her second year. All along they have together sailed through rough and smooth paths.

They were always conversing on phone while he was abroad not until one fateful day she was robbed of her belongings,her phones inclusive right in her apartment. In a coincidence, kadian also sought to have a change in apartment and unknowing to both of them,their communication was said to have been abridged. He tried calling the number after moving into his new apartment to inform her about his escapade and the reason for a change in land-line but always its switched off. After a couple of weeks,he decided to quit calling her thinking she had gotten herself another guy.
Tracey knowing fully well that kadian would be ringing her line went to have a welcome back on a new sim in_other to retain her old digits but oops! Its already late. She sought to calling the digits kadian had always been calling her with but “sorry it’s a wrong number” was what the receiver always tells her. Now they had both lost contact.

After a long time,due to some ishy problems she had using the network,she decided to switch to another network. Now they both have forgotten each other and forged ahead with life. They were although successful in their fields but deep within their minds, they still felt and missed each other and wished to be together again.

Now kadian was in town and it was on the night of their birthday. He decided to give her a call. Although he did call but she never knew it was him calling. Her phone did rang and she did pick but she never knew it was him calling. Someone picked on the receiving end but it was not Tracey and neither was it kadian calling.

It was her new boyfriend calling with a strange number and kadian was calling his new girlfriend with a Nigerian line which was kinda strange to her. Both of them had no memories of each other till after the strange voices spoke up from the phones. Tracey’s phone rang again and in a shocking move,she opened her eyes and discovered it was a dream while still laying on the couch.

At this point, they knew their wishes had come true as they both spent the whole of the night thinking about one another although they were not together.


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TRIUMPHING OVER YOUR ADVERSITY – 10 Strategies you basically need.

Be prepared for unexpected challenges.

Although the difficulties we’ll face in life are inevitable, there are habits you can develop that will allow you to better overcome adversity when it strikes.

Italian psychotherapist and philosopher Piero Ferrucci explains some of these strategies in his forthcoming book, “Your Inner Will: Finding Personal Strength in Critical Times.”

I’ve summarized the book’s key points below:

  1. Do not turn your current beliefs and habits into dogma.

“We may feel captive to our own [automatic behaviors], obligations, and fears. Pressure from others may also oppress us,” Ferrucci writes.

He says that ‘keeping yourself free to embrace new ideas is essential to remaining happy and able to adapt to change’.

  1. Learn to find peace within yourself.

“When our emotions threaten to overwhelm and devastate us, we can find the center of our being,” Ferrucci says.

The practice of quieting the chaos of one’s mind through meditation has been practiced from Wall Street executives to the ancient Roman “philosopher king” Marcus Aurelius, who wrote that he would occasionally retreat into himself the same way people took breaks in the mountains or the beach.

  1. Be deliberate in your actions.

When we put forth just enough effort to make it to the end of each day, life becomes tiring, and it makes us bitter and vulnerable.

Instead of wasting away your career acting like a robot, accomplish things with energy and focus. This way of approaching your work will keep you sharp and confident.

  1. Starve your anxieties.

Ferrucci says that it is easy to underestimate the power of directing our attention toward something. Often, we gradually shift focus to a worry lingering in the background of our mind until it overwhelms us.

Bring these worries to the forefront of your mind, settle on a way to address the root of each, and then determine that you will ignore these same negative thoughts the next time they pop into your consciousness.

  1. Be autonomous.

A strong support network of people who care for us is essential for dealing with life’s challenges, but that does not mean that we should be dependent on others.

“Finding autonomy means fending for ourselves. It is to discover in ourselves the source of our interests, tastes, and motivations,” Ferrucci writes.

  1. Practice self-control.

The first step to gaining mastery over yourself is to refrain from making decisions when you become overtaken with a particular emotion, whether it’s good or bad.

The goal is to learn to separate your emotion from a situation and see it objectively. If you lose your job, for example, your emotional impulses could tell you that you’re worthless; if you were to look at the reality of the situation, you could proceed with a steady mind and do whatever necessary to secure a new job.

  1. Practice integrity.

Setting aside our values to take the easy way out can have long-term effects.

“Coherence within ourselves allows us to feel more solid,” Ferrucci says, and if we start redefining ourselves in a negative way, we will not have a foundation of values to help us get through setbacks and challenges.

  1. Develop in-depth relationships and interests.

Today more than ever before, we jump from distraction to distraction without investing ourselves in much at all, Ferrucci says.

He thinks that giving depth to our most important relationships and passions can allow us to become more able to bounce back from life’s difficulties.

  1. Venture outside your comfort zone.

Fear is what keeps us from doing what is necessary to progress in every aspect of our lives.

“Risk, on the other hand, helps us grow and renew ourselves,” Ferrucci writes.

  1. Take lessons from every failure and setback.

The most resilient people understand that every one of their defeats offers the chance to become wiser and better suited for meeting similar challenges in the future.


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HAVING A GREAT SEX LIFE – The importance of communication.

Having sex can sometimes mean a
number of different sexual activities, but
usually it means sexual intercourse. The
most common definition of sexual
intercourse is an act that involves a man
putting his erect penis inside a woman’s
vagina. Sexual intercourse might also be
used to refer to sex acts between two
men or between two women.

Sexual intercourse between a man and a
woman usually starts with them both
getting sexually excited. This is sometimes referred to as foreplay, and might involve sexual activities kissing, cuddling and touching each other.
Foreplay is important as it means a
woman’s vagina begins to get moist and a
man gets an erection. If the woman’s vagina does not get moist enough, then having sexual intercourse could be difficult or painful for her.

If two people have sex and one of them has a sexually transmitted disease (STD) then they could pass it on to the other person. Using a condom is the best way to prevent
any infection from being passed from one person to the other. If a man and woman are having sexual intercourse, and using a condom for protection against pregnancy or
infections, they should put it on the man’s penis as soon as he gets an erection. Some men say they worry about using
condoms in case they lose their erection or have difficulty putting the condom on. You could get some condoms and practice beforehand. Condoms come with instructions in words and pictures which show exactly how to use them. After the condom is on, the man or woman can guide his
penis into her vagina. The couple then move their bodies so that his penis moves up and down inside her vagina. This usually rubs the penis and makes the man sexually
excited so that he has an orgasm. The movement might also rub the woman’s clitoris (or sensitive areas inside her
vagina) so she can have an orgasm. But this often takes practice and a bit of experimentation to get it right.

Having sex does not usually hurt, though first time sex may be a bit uncomfortable for a woman because her hymen (a thin layer of skin that partially covers the entrance to the
vagina) may be stretched or torn. Some girls are born without a hymen and some tear theirs when inserting tampons or during sport. A torn hymen may cause a little
bleeding, but it does not usually last long. Sex is not usually painful for a man.
The best way to ensure pain free sex is for both partners to relax and take their time.
After the first time, sex should become more comfortable.
The vagina is very stretchy and will usually accommodate a penis (even a large one) with ease. However, a woman may
experience pain when having sexual intercourse if her vagina does not produce enough natural lubrication. Extra
vaginal fluids are usually produced when a woman becomes sexually excited to allow the penis to enter the vagina easily. If a woman is tense or rushing when she has
sex, her vagina may not become moist enough to allow the penis to move in and out smoothly. Stress can also cause
the muscles in the vagina to involuntarily tense up, making penetration difficult and painful. The best way to ensure
pain free sex is for both partners to relax and take their time. Extra lubrication might also help, and can be bought from many chemists and some supermarkets. When using a condom, it is very important that a water-based lubricant
(like KY jelly) is used, as oil-based lubricants like Vaseline can cause the condom to disintegrate.

There are quite a lot of different positions for sexual intercourse. One of the most common is the missionary position, where a woman lies on her back and a man lies on top of her. A man and woman might also lie on their sides, the woman may sit on top of the man, or she may kneel on all fours while the man puts his penis into her vagina from behind. If a couple are in a position where the woman’s clitoris is not being stimulated, they can do this with their fingers.

Similar things happen to most people’s
bodies when they have sex – they get
sensitive and warm and excited and may
have an orgasm. Enjoying sexual
activities with another person is possible
whether you have an orgasm or not. Not
being able to have an orgasm with
another person doesn’t mean that you
don’t fancy them or love them. Your
emotions might be different each time
you have a sexual experience, depending
on the circumstances. Having sex can be
one of the most intense and pleasurable
physical and emotional experiences a
person can have. But it won’t always be wonderful.

When sexual excitement builds up and
reaches a peak a person might experience an orgasm, also called a climax, or ‘coming’.
The sexual excitement might start from someone masturbating on their own, or through kissing, masturbating or having sex with another person. Sexual excitement usually grows gradually and a person
feels more and more pleasure and a kind of exciting tension. All the feelings of tension then disappear when the orgasm happens, and the person experiences feelings of
intense pleasure. The feeling can be so strong that a person might not be able to see, or hear or think about anything
for a moment. They might even groan and call out with the pleasure. Orgasms usually last only a few seconds but the feelings might last a lot longer. When a man has an orgasm he ejaculates. This means that
sperm mixed with semen comes out of the end of his penis in a sticky white fluid. After a man has ejaculated he loses his erection and usually needs to stop for a while. When a woman has an orgasm, her vagina often becomes very wet, but she can continue being sexually aroused as long as she
likes. Some women can experience more than one orgasm without stopping.
If a person doesn’t have an orgasm, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. In fact, worrying about reaching an orgasm or being nervous is quite likely to make it hard for
a person to relax enough to have one.

Anal sex (also known as anal intercourse) is when a man puts his penis into the anus and rectum of another man or woman.
Some people might have strong objections, especially religious or moral objections to anal sex. Others may feel uncomfortable about the idea of anal sex simply because
it’s not something they think they will find enjoyable or want to try. For others however, anal intercourse is a very enjoyable way to have sex. If a couple do decide to have anal sex, they should think about using a water-based lubricant, like KY Jelly, and a good quality condom.
Anal sex is often portrayed as something that only gay men do. This is not true. Many straight couples engage in anal
sex, while many gay men have never tried it. Anyone wanting to try anal sex should make sure that their partner really wants to do it. If one person wants to try it but the other doesn’t, it is better to stick to other forms of sex that both partners enjoy. If a couple do decide to have anal sex, they should think about using a water-based lubricant, like KY Jelly, and a good quality condom. They should also take it slowly. The
lining of the rectum is delicate and easily damaged during vigorous thrusting, particularly if the receiving partner is
not relaxed. There is a popular misconception that anal intercourse
between a woman and man is a good way to avoid pregnancy. Anal sex does carry a lower risk of pregnancy than vaginal sex, but pregnancy can still occur if any semen
leaks out of the anus and into the vagina. Using condoms is a more reliable way of preventing pregnancy, and they will
also protect against sexually transmitted infections.

Oral sex is when one person licks or
sucks another person’s penis or vagina.
When oral sex is done to a man it is sometimes called a “blow job”. When it is done to a woman it is sometimes
called “licking out”. If two people have oral sex with each other at the same time it is sometimes called a 69 because
of the shape their bodies make. A woman cannot get pregnant from giving oral sex to a man, even if she swallows his sperm.
Oral sex can be a very intense and intimate experience. Some people enjoy giving oral sex or having it. Other people feel uncomfortable about the idea and don’t want to do it. Sometimes people feel pressure to have oral sex when they don’t want to. It is very important to think about
what the other person really wants if you want to have oral sex. Some sexually transmitted infections can be passed on
through oral sex. There are flavoured condoms available that you can use when having oral sex. These are to stop any infections which might be passed on.

A woman usually masturbates by rubbing, stroking or squeezing her clitoris. The clitoris is the most sensitive sexual part of a woman. She might also touch her breasts
and other sensitive areas of her body. A man usually masturbates by stroking, rubbing or ‘pumping’ his penis, and may concentrate particularly on the tip, which is the
most sensitive part. Masturbation is sometimes referred to as playing with yourself, or, especially with men, jerking
off, a hand job, or wanking. There is no physical reason why you should or
shouldn’t masturbate. It is not true that you’ll go blind if you masturbate, or that you will become weak or lose your health.
People don’t necessarily begin masturbating when they reach puberty. Some people hardly ever masturbate, and
others masturbate a lot. It varies according to how a person feels. Many people masturbate even when they are
in a relationship with someone. Masturbation can last as long as you want, but generally people masturbate for between a few minutes and half an hour. There is no physical reason why you should or shouldn’t
masturbate. It is not true that you’ll go blind if you masturbate, or that you will become weak or lose your health. It is not possible to masturbate too much, though you should stop if you start to make yourself feel sore.
Some people think that if a man doesn’t masturbate his testes will fill up with sperm. This is not true; the sperm are just absorbed into his body. It is also not true that women
who think about sex or masturbate are ‘easy’.

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