I am a life obsessed free lance writer with experience in expository, narratives and descriptive articles that is in conjunction with happenings in life, happenings in thought and out of experience.
A graduate of Microbiology from University of Ilorin, Nigeria. I hail from Ezinifite in Nnewi-South L.G.A of Anambra State.

“Your brain codes a segment of your dream that has been thought by you when u are asleep and relates it to you when you wake as a continuity of a goal you are yet to achieve” Leonard.

“When you have an idea and you put it down without carrying it out,it takes time and God’s intervention to understand it again the way you have thought it originally or likewise you’d become a dreamer and not an achiever” Leonard.

God bless us!!!

For more info and enquiries,you can contact me on these numbers 08149913374, 08166112113 or add up on bbm 56822f42. You can also follow me on twitter @Leonardmikel or like our Facebook page hiddenbeliefs.


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