The mind is a tool that can make and destroy. It is guided subconsciously by its thought and believes. The strength of a mind can never be under estimated. It houses the will and urge to do and not to do. From birth, a mind is nothing but a new empty system filled with integrated chips ready to read and be read.  
The mind has no limits to what it can imagine except it’s being restricted from such imaginations. It’s a strong tool that has no limit or a form of selection to what it takes in and so a lot care needs to be taken when the mind is at work.  What ever it decides has a very strong implication to a step one takes in life. The mind is correlated in its activity by that of the sight and reasoning. What ever the mind harbours is what it will definitely work with no matter the time it takes,  it must accomplish it’s aim.  It’s just like a  rocket launched;it has been programmed to hit a target but it will take a period of time to reach its target.  Same theory applies to the mind. As we grow up,  Alot is being inculcated into our minds and those orientation are integrated directly into our memory chips and as sticky as it is, it stays and remains there till death.  Just like an ibo adage says, “you don’t learn to use left hand when you are old if you are right-handed”. That’s also why it is said in the Holy books that “you train up a child the way he should go and when he grows, he will never depart from it”. 

A child that his parents were murdered right before his eyes would grow up with that dilemma and vengeance would definitely not be far from his mind. He might also be accustomed to being a perpetrator of evil because to him,  the world is wicked.  

Further illustrations can be drawn from other happenings around us. A child that is brought up being pampered will know nothing about pain till the day he faces one. Our child should be taught the ethics of life and orientated that this life is not a bed of roses. A child that is being over protected also falls in same category. A worst case is that of parents protecting their kids when they commit a bad deed, they do so trying to spare the rod meanwhile spoiling the child. Such children will be brought up thinking committing crime is a normal phenomenon till the day they are caught. 

Our minds are very tricking in their operation and unknowing to our own very self. It is very hard for the mind to be controlled by the will and reasoning but it is very easy for the mind to override the activity of the whole self.  The sight is a very strong tool working concurrently with the mind as it serves as a portal of entry for the information’s the mind conceives. That is also why it is said that every man has two physical eyes and one strong inner eye. We should be very careful at what we look and quickly read a positive reading to what we see else the mind gives it an appropriate meaning.  

Another tool that assists the mind is the sense of hearing.  Some times the eyes is not active but the activeness of the ear picks up the information and the ever ready mind quickly reads a meaning to what the ear relates to it. It is very important we control what we hear or choose between what enters our ear at any certain time.  
The minds strength is such that it makes up half news into a whole information and reads a meaning to it. It relates the result to the subconscious reasoning and then to the brain and before u know it, a deed is committed. It also has the capacity to harbour an information over a period of time and provides it unknowingly to you at the right time it’s of need for proper action to be taken. That’s why it is easy for someone to forgive his enemy but very hard to forget. It’s the work of the subconscious mind. 
The mind is also a strong asset in the education sector as most calculation works are done with the mind.  It serves as a slate where you do your rough calculations even while looking at your neighbour. It is also a two way tool that has the strength of relating information while receiving information too. It activity cannot be stopped till the heart stops beating but it’s modus operandi can be maneuvered based on the form of orientation it gets. While you sleep,  it’s your mind that works with your self and that’s why you dream and know that if you remain on bed, you will be late for work because it has been programmed.  

The brain only helps it to think, they both work side by side but while you sleep, your Brain sleeps but your mind don’t.  That’s why sometimes you are able to relate happenings around you to a particular dream you had some years back. 

The brain codes a segment of your dreams while you sleep and your mind relates it to you while you wake as a step to actualising it in reality”  Leonard



A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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