PHILOSOPHY OF SIGHT – its significance and relevance


The sight as we all know is one of the most excellent organs every human possesses even the blind.  Many theories and statistics have proven that a blind has applied more relevance to sight and to some extent, sees more. This is achieved through PERCEPTION and is an aspect of an individual’s mind which is rarely used by many or say not well utilised. INTERNAL PERCEPTION tells us what is going on in our bodies, where our limbs are, whether we are sitting or standing, whether we are depressed, hungry, tired and so forth. This internal perception is guided by an unseen but yet felt sight which is strongly imbedded into all humans and has its existence way before we opened our eyes to the world. It’s the internal sight that shows a baby strange thing before it happens and prompts them to cry. Also it can be applied in some other aspects of our life as adults in these various ways:


The kind of face you make when imagining what is going on in your mind is a result of what your inward sight sees. I have written about “subconscious mind” in one of my articles “THE STRENGHT OF THE MIND” and I faintly spoke about the significance of sight. The strength of sight can greatly be felt while imagining. The physical eyes at this juncture are internally blind while the internal sight is actively at work. It is this perception that enables you relate to your mind & brain and then you see a mirage which is just a mere illusion but also a close assumption to what you foresee. This process gives rise to particular mental state (cognitivism) and often makes you take some actions (radical behaviourism).


The strength of the sight (internal) is a tool in keeping you in line according to your purpose in life. Your destiny is determined by you and the action and strength you put into its achievement is anchored by your effective use of sight. It acts as a pilot, instructor and a means of encouragement even when you deviate from the path. It’s the internal sight that enables you see yourself in a near future and then motivate you towards achieving that dream. A lot of people these days are blind internally and “blindness in mind is blindness out of sight”. The saying that “there is ability in disability” is achieved through perception (internal sight) and that is why no one is restricted to making it in life. If you have not opened your internal eyes to things happening around you or in things you do in life, this is an avenue to initiating that.


This is a very important point i would like all to pay maximum attention to. We must first of all note that there is a big difference between DREAMS and ILLUSION. Illusion is a false idea or belief, especially about somebody or about a situation while dream is a series of images, events and feelings that happen in your mind while you are asleep. Most people have illusions while sleeping but term it dream and that is why lot of fake prophecies are rampant these days. The rightful definition of dream is, series of images, events and feelings that happen in your subconscious mind while you are asleep and you have NO COGNITIVE CONTROL over it. Illusion on the other hand can be controlled. A kind of dream which you can control even while in the process is a mere illusion which can take place even with your eyes opened. That is why people make lots of imagination and assume they have a dream. When you have a dream, there is an end to it but an illusion has neither distinctive start nor end. The ability of remembering/seeing a dream is done by the internal sight. It’s the internal sight that sees the dream while the outward sight (eyes) lives it.


The strength of sight can be seen in our day to day activities. We make decisions everyday and we are responsible for the actions we take. Before a decision is taken, 5 (five) processes takes place. They include:

  1. The eyes (outward sight) serve as a channel for data influx into the subconscious mind.
  2. The mind deliberates on the action to be taken by sending a signal to the brain.

  3. The brain looks for facts and fictions and then relates to the internal sight.

  4. The internal sight looks in various directions for the best decision to take. This is where positive decision taking and negative decision taking comes to place and when a conclusion has been reached,

  5. The last process is action (radical behaviourism).


The significance of sight is very crucial in this aspect albeit it cannot work alone but with the mind. It’s a key role to many successes and achievement the world has recorded. A STRONG WILL works with perception and perception is best practiced as a listener. Attentiveness cannot be over emphasized as it works with the subconscious mind. That is why it is important to be attentive always. While in exam hall, the internal sight brings forth a clearer view to what you have read or listened to while in class and enables you to choose the right option for the question. The sight is also relevant in extensive reading and it enables the reader see a third meaning to what he or she is reading; more so give room for fundamental research and classical mind development.

The philosophy of sight should therefore be taken as a pragmatic approach to vast contrasting issues and cognizance of sight as a tool to its realisation should be consciously taken note of. 



A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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