Journey to a place you never been before could be fun and on the contrary, a bad experience. It  could be a lesson or in other words a teacher. Many has fallen victim to individuals who have no feelings for human existence and are so keen in seeing to the bad of others. Such people are perpetrators of evil and a lot of them are found on our roads pretending to be helping meanwhile harbouring some bad intentions within them. Some of them disguise to need your help in one way or the other only to turn around and harm you. Wisdom is needed in anything you do in life and take time to think before you act.


It is a very bad conduct that is fast eating deep like a canker worm into the societal structuring of our country and so many people have imbibed that act as a means of livelihood thus making an ordinary Nigerian adamant in coming to the aid of someone who is really in need. This is as a result of bad experience or lessons learnt from like occurrences that has happened to them.
I dressed up as a gentleman, clad in my neat and well ironed t-shirt and trouser ready to storm Vicky’s place. I met her last year November online on a social network and we have long gotten along each other and became so intimate despite the fact that we haven’t met. I was not disturbed at all because i have taken my time to request for her pictures and so am quite comfortable with her looks. We were supposed to meet on valentine’s day but because i don’t want to fall “mugu” to her numerous demands, i decided to fake a reason for not coming. She believed me because I’ve always been a nice guy to her; I’ve sent her series of recharge cards and love texts.  A journey which was supposed to last for 30mins lasted for over 1 hour.


It is no more news that phones are being Snatched on roads in our popular cities and the drama is in such a way that the nearest person you can yell to for help is even a member of the robbery gang but unknowing to you.  Now they have devised new means to rob people of their belongings and this they achieve using tactical scopes.  Some feign to be wounded on the road needing urgent attention and when a good Samaritan drives by, they signal their members who come out in ambush to rob.  Some pretend to be stranded in an isolated area seeking lift to a particular place; Bros! if you pack that car, you are on your own.


It is popularly said that most of these robbery activities are not humane but some implore diabolic means to tame their prey and set them loose after the operation. Another ancient act perpetrated by these hoodlums is the popular “pickpockets” which is still in existence. They walk side by side and extort you of your belongings unawares. The latest technique is loosing of plate numbers and showing it off to their owners in an isolated area on motion.  Once they stop to hand you your plate number, they rob you in the process.

Back to our story, soon the car got moving long after waiting for the passengers to fill up. A lady sat beside me and I noticed a young guy very well dressed sitting behind me.  At the onset of the journey and a popular tradition on our buses,  a woman stood up to advertise a product she was marketing.  As arguments and questions ensued, i noticed the guy behind me was constantly looking and starring at me.  I became confused and looking back terrifyingly at him,  he took off. Soon afterwards, the bus stopped and the lady beside me alighted; she has gotten to her destination.  To my amazement,  the guy stood up and came sitting beside me.  At this point, I paused the song playing on my headset, pretending to be nodding my head to the rhythm of the song and waiting for the action that will happen next.


He kept starring at my iPhone, my wristwatch, my Nike (sneakers) and gave a horrible gaze at me from up to down in a sitting posture. I was looking at him with the tail of my eye and i noticed all these. Finally he spoke up “Bros…….. Bros…… Chairman…..”  and taped me on the third call.  “wetin happen? I spoke up ” why you just dey look person like that?, i sabi you? ” I continued.  With this response I noticed this fear in him as he started feeling uncomfortable and looking around like someone whose secret has leaked in public. He mumbled to himself not knowing I was listening saying” na which kind bad market be this,  he no even gree me talk,  e be like say he Don sabi wetin I wan tell am,  Choi! Walai he no go spoil my paro”.  He gathered courage again and spoke up; “Bros abeg,  i be student,  I need small money wey I go take chop”  i looked scornfully at him because I know that’s the direction he is heading and i said to him “guy I no get”.  He went on further saying “OK Bros abeg even if na #100 make I take pay my transport”  I shouted back at him immediately “I say I no get,  wetin na? He was quite disgraced as he left my seat but couldn’t do with looking repeatedly at me. I kept starring at him too because his outfit is inversely proportional to his conduct. He dressed even better than me whom he is coming to seek help from and am sure he has defrauded people with same stories. Soon the bus arrived our destination and we all alighted.

The story has just began……………. Watch out for the aftermath of what happened when we dropped.

Coming to you in next episode.




A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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