A platform whereby we showcase the richness of contemporary, ancient and even local music in kwara state.

Although, this is the first of its kind and its cutting across the main tertiary institutions we have in Kwara state and the neighbouring cities sharing boundaries with kwara. The targeted institutions include:

And some other tertiary institutions from Kogi, Osun and Ekiti states.

The scope of the festival is to bring up from the grassrot, talented artists to showcase what they have to the industry and encourage them by giving them a platform to express themselves boldly and if possible make a means through it.

We are not under any jurisdiction to involve the tertiary institutions as this is not an inter-tertiary competition although as an artist ready to be featured, you must be a student or a graduate with a proof of school attended or school you are attending as we did not plan to bring together hoodlums and radicals who will pose a threat to the peaceful atmosphere we are already enjoying under the rulership of this able administration.

The event is anchored by LEO’S GRAPHIX & ENT. a non-profited eatablishment set up by some group of individuals with like minds and aiming to achieve a set goal. They see greatness in every failure and are of the opinion that taking music back to the grass roots In conjuction with ready individuals with like mind as them will further take entertainment in kwara state to the next level and will imbibe into youngsters the spirit to see the importance of education and shun the act of biolence and hooligalism.


Currently, we have no sponsors as we are fresh and young individuals who are looking forward to working with good, top and reputable organisations (govt. Or individuals) or parastatals. So please, if you have a mind to rendering a quota of any kind, we will greatly appreciate and your name will forever remain on our lips. Thanks in anticipation.

We have plans to work with top radio stations within and outside Kwara state for the main aim of information dissemination. Radio stations we planned working with include: Ray power Fm, Radio kwara, Unilorin Fm, Beat Fm, Royal Fm and some other Fm stations outside Kwara state.
The proposed date for the event by the special grace of God is on the 4th of Dec. 2015 except an unforeseen development arises warranting it been compromised.

The participating artists will do justice only to the songs they wrote and recorded as the songs will be screened by a set committee before they are performed. The artists will send either a soft copy (for artists outside Ilorin) or a hard copy for review and accreditation. They should also note they are performing within a given time frame.
Hopefully, we are looking forward to having the presence of top music icons in the Nigeria music industry and representatives from all arms of government and other non-governmental organisations and parastatals. In this regard, the artists should be prepared to give out their best.


The artists are also required to note at this juncture that modest dressing will strictly be observed as any artist found wanting for any gross misconduct will be screened out.

We look forward to working with some other entertainment and media groups in Kwara state. The likes of GMG, Weezle Ent.,Enigma, Dyce, Point blank, Shuffle Ent., Decypher-k, SoSohits, Frenzy Record Label, Equator Records, Sid Records, NpNg Records, Westhill Magazine, Soundcity, Eb Tv to mention but a few.


The artists are required to pick-up a slot for themselves as a sign to show forth willingness to perform with a token of #3,000 and appear for the auditioning after which they will be selected to take part in the grand prix. The registration will be done online and the artists are expected to come along with the token to the venue of the auditioning.

Their will be alot of side attractions, an undisclosed dance crew is coming to entertain in full regalia. We are also featuring one of the popular artists in Nigeria Music industry by name………..(find out later) and we will also be featuring already familiar faces in the il-city music industry. The likes of SHABZZY, BREEZE, RIDDY, MALYNA, OLUWASIMPLE, BEEJAYKLEIN, MR. THEO, Q’DEE, S]B]S, ZIZMO, SHEGZZY, SLEEM, RAP BERRY, LIL-P & lots more. Their will also be stand up comedy performances by IL-city top Comedians; the likes of Cari-ca-talk, Mr. bones, and the likes of them.

The venue for the event is yet to be scheduled but it will be conveyed soon via this platform. The after party also comes up immediately after the grand prix @…………. (WATCHOUT).




A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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