Just while she thought she had gotten over her thoughts of him, her phone rang; it was Kadian calling. “Are you in town?, the voice spoke up; I just got back from the states”. “Who is on the line?” She asked retortfully unknowing to her he was the caller. On hearing that question,Kadian terminated the call and to his greatest surprise,he wondered if she had gotten over him and left no traces of his in her memory. He sought to calling her later that night before going to bed.

Tracey had always wished to hear from him for over a long time after he left for the United states as a scholarship beneficiary. Now sitting on the couch alone and wishy,thoughts about him ran through her mind. Having exhausted the little charge on her blackberry to pinging and surfing the net,she decided to rest her head.

“Oh! Is that you Kadian?” “Yea,its me” he answered with his eyes full of joy. ” I missed every bit of you”, she went further to add. Looking up to each others eyes,they kissed and had a warm hug.

Kadian was still remembering those delightful moments he had with Tracey before he left for overseas and had wished he could just have a bit of those moments again. He remembered taking her on sight-seeing,lunch,dinner and spending last of his hours before departure right in her apartment. He remembered how they both made solemn wishes to each other on their birthday-night as they were birthday-mates and a hot romantic sex that followed afterwards. He remembered the last wish he made to come back for her on his return. All these thoughts ran through his mind and before he could know it,it took him into another phase of conversation with her in disney land.

They had been dating for six months although there had been break-ups and make-ups but they truly cared for each other and their bond remained strong. Kadian was 28 before he left for the states and Tracey was 23. Now four years have been added to their ages which is not too young for them to indulge into marriage. They were the best pals on campus and were always seen together. They met in high school while kadian was in his finals and Tracey in her second year. All along they have together sailed through rough and smooth paths.

They were always conversing on phone while he was abroad not until one fateful day she was robbed of her belongings,her phones inclusive right in her apartment. In a coincidence, kadian also sought to have a change in apartment and unknowing to both of them,their communication was said to have been abridged. He tried calling the number after moving into his new apartment to inform her about his escapade and the reason for a change in land-line but always its switched off. After a couple of weeks,he decided to quit calling her thinking she had gotten herself another guy.
Tracey knowing fully well that kadian would be ringing her line went to have a welcome back on a new sim in_other to retain her old digits but oops! Its already late. She sought to calling the digits kadian had always been calling her with but “sorry it’s a wrong number” was what the receiver always tells her. Now they had both lost contact.

After a long time,due to some ishy problems she had using the network,she decided to switch to another network. Now they both have forgotten each other and forged ahead with life. They were although successful in their fields but deep within their minds, they still felt and missed each other and wished to be together again.

Now kadian was in town and it was on the night of their birthday. He decided to give her a call. Although he did call but she never knew it was him calling. Her phone did rang and she did pick but she never knew it was him calling. Someone picked on the receiving end but it was not Tracey and neither was it kadian calling.

It was her new boyfriend calling with a strange number and kadian was calling his new girlfriend with a Nigerian line which was kinda strange to her. Both of them had no memories of each other till after the strange voices spoke up from the phones. Tracey’s phone rang again and in a shocking move,she opened her eyes and discovered it was a dream while still laying on the couch.

At this point, they knew their wishes had come true as they both spent the whole of the night thinking about one another although they were not together.


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A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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One Response to A LOVER’s WISH

  1. candy wilson says:

    It so touching I felt like breaking down it like beholding your self in a mirror nd it was just your person staring back @ u


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