Sometimes I wonder if these creatures are actually created by God and most times I ask myself, ‘Why do God create this things for us ehn?’ MOSQUITOES! MOSQUITOES!! Chai-MOSQUITOES!!. NO wonder why so many ethnic groups have a folk tale attached and similar about mosquito. I wonder if any creature on earth has not had an encounter with this creature and I am not surprised they say the sickness it causes (malaria) kills faster than HIV/AIDS.

Today is not the first day of me encountering mosquitoes but this night felt like some 48hours sleep that refused to break into a day-light yet siester was tiring,bored and full of watchful awakes. At a point,I became so tired in the middle of the night,woke up and with a sad,troubled and disturbed mind,I took up my pen and put this together.

It was 7:30pm,the whole family was gathered in the living room,my eyes was glued to the television as I was enjoying a soap opera on one of my favourite channels on DSTV. PHCN no give us lyt but the horrible sound of the lister heavy-duty generator could be heard a distance from the Louvre. Normally it was a usual tradition that once its 8pm, I go to spray my room with an insecticide usually meant to be active against mosquito but even with that,a times mosquito never extinct whenever we go to bed (I and my brother). Where they usually hide,I don’t know. Always I will ponder on my little mind and imagine things like “e be like say this mosquitoes dey disappear if I wan spray this thing and re-appear if I wan sleep” or ” e be like say them dey wear mask for face wey make the thing no dey catch them”. I go further to ask myself, “who dey do am for them abi dem get supermarket where dem dey go buy am ni?” ” Abi dem get ode-eshi ni?” I know a lot of you imagine such things too because I know am not alone.

This night was not a night to joke about as I took my time to calculate how many hours I actually slept and to my greatest surprise,it was just 45mins that was roughly estimated out of the 6hours sleep I was supposed to enjoy. The remaining 5hours 15mins was majorly taken by hunting (mosquito hunting),watch-night and angered writings.

I was with the television till it was 11pm,having skipped my routine check of spraying my room. We have all had dinner and because it was a saturday, Dad summoned us to put out the gen. and go to bed knowing fully well we are to wake up by 5am for the early morning mass/service which is by 6:30am. We did as he had instructed,said the family devotion and while the prayer was going on,I killed nothing less than 8 live mosquitoes. At this point,I knew I was in for a world war III this night and for the first time in my life,I prayed for mosquitoes; “God please let this thing no bite me this night ooo!!”

Now the prayer’s ended,everybody had gone to their rooms,my brother went to our room and I decided to stay back and have some chat with my friends on social networks while keeping watch on my brother to know if he will sleep peacefully or become a ‘CHERUBIM’ while clapping out mosquitoes when sleeping. Everywhere was hot,there is cool breeze outside but damn! That’s their head quater and this breeze won’t just come in even though all the louvres was widely opened. I took to my fate and was perspirating so profusely like christmas goat,I was so uncomfortable and disturbed that even my chat peeps all complained about my lateness in replying.

All these were enough signs to me but I neglected,of course my brother slept off but I never knew he stubbornly closed his hoping for sleep to come while neglecting the biting and buzzing of these demonic creatures. I got to know this when I entered the room…………………………………………………………………..


@Leonard Michael



A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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  1. sasere grace says:

    U ar a very incredible nd a great writer,I dey gbadun ur story baby


  2. fay8 says:

    lol, ur sense of humour is out of dis world dude…watching out 4 d sequel


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