Ladies are so specially made by God and designed to suit and meet the urge of a man. It just so happened that God in His Supremacy made it to each man’s taste and likeness. Men on their own part are bed-rocks and stars that are easily but negatively compounded in terms of wishes and surprises.

It takes a lot to convince a woman but easy to win her heart while its the vice versa in the case of a man. Humans are created by God and equal in His sight but we are all of different Gifts,talents and privileges.

When a lady is born,a half star is made whole,and when a man is born,the rest of the star is gone on summer. Humans are so realistic in determining and achieving their aim in life and have different means of achieving them.

A man can suffer from morning till dawn and yet spend all his earnings on a woman but a woman can make merry from morning and yet collect from the hand of a tiller man.

Nature has its own way of designing things that often comes to us in life,and it is often said that “What ever you sow,that you will reap”. Laziness is not a sign of poverty,it is a sign of perpetual poverty. Intelligence has nothing to do with your ability but at the same time,your ability depends so much on your I.Q.

Opportunity opens a lot of doors and not doors of opportunity opened. Circumstances always warrant every step and action taken in lfe but it becomes a loss when you find it hard to cope with the consequences. Every individual has a separate destiny and fulfilment and its with the ease that these dreams are achieved that matters.

There are so many shortcuts to death but their is never a shortcut to success. What you put in is what you get in return. You might not get it in a direct way and may require a little patience. The price of what you buy,determines its worth and durability. It is less dependent on how you use it.

Intelligence is not natural,you fight to be intelligent. Your I Q only is natural and depends on how you put it to use. The more you apply it in your daily tasks,the more it develops and unwinds. It works just like how the DNA strands unwind during Replication.

Their is a lot attached to human mind,brain,feelings and humans. The messages a mind conveys,goes a long way to tell the real fact about what action you should take,it can convey because it has a portal through which it receives,conceives and then conveys. It is practically believed to be the chief main source of genuine information humans need.

The brain is joined to the mind,they work hand in hand and intertwined. The brain houses a lot of raw facts waiting to be exhumed and utilised by the mind. It is the mathematical centre of the human body.

Human feelings can not be over emphasised as it goes a long way in making up the 40% of the main facts required by the brain for its calculation. Human feelings tells a whole lot to us but over the times,we ignore it thinking we can over-power it,no one runs faster than its shadow and so that which you know is wrong will in the long run,become nemesis.

Humans and interactions with human makes up the 10%. You get a lot when you converse with someone and you get the necessary fact you need from another persons’ ulteration. When your brain needs to get a fact,even your sight can stop it from receiving, the whole senses workes in-to-to according to how its creator made it.

Ladies are the most complex creature on earth as Socrates and some other Great Philosophers confirmed. Man are more diabolical and unbalanced and truly that’s been their nature. A lot emphasis will be side-lined and the characteristics of both male and female will be drawn and concluded in the next chapter.



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A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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