“I wan go piss daddy” as I gave him his fone to receive when Mr. Benedict called back. Now the conversation has issued between them two and all I could discover was silence and a frown look on dad’s face. I find it hard to figure out wat he was telling him cos even dad himself was not saying a word. I gave him a signal to go and ease myself and den I whizzed off.

Now a lot ran thru my small mind as I was easing myself in a masculine way while just standing and putting out my penis,I was so carried away dat I even forgot am tru and left ma dick dangling as I walked out of toilet. I can’t go to dat parlour now,dats all on my mind and I don’t know what Mr. Benedict said to him. Dad was still on fone and so I had enough time to come up with different plans. I will tell him I actually went to pump his extra tire if he asks me or I will tell him I went to the caf`e with pablo. But choi the man go catch!

I was just rehearsing all dis on my mind when suddenly I heard a shout of my name; “Sir” I answered. On getting there,I was amazed,I saw d old man smiling,I saw my mum standing close to him,”is there still petrol in this car?” “Yes sir” I answered. I was still surprised on what’s happening cos this was not the mood I left him for the toilet,has he suddenly forgotten? I asked myself. Abi shey he win contract ni?

“Won’t u eat before going honey?” Mum asked. “I will when I get back,oya you hurry drive out this car”. As I was turning to enter the car,mum asked me. “Ehen where did u even pack this car at pablo’s house,I did not see it when I came?” “It was…,it’s…..,I packed it @…. ” I was just soloquising the answers shy-ingly to myself bcs I did not even know what I was saying self. I have a lot on my mind. I just pretendly went into d car and drove out. Dad then joined me on the owners side and den we zoomed off. “Where am I heading to? ” I asked dad, Mr. Benedicts’s. Now at this juncture,I have complete irrational idea about what’s happening cos it’s his place we are going to.

“Your mum said the lab. Results are out” in a surprised mood I asked like as if I don’t know we had an HIV test before he travelled “which result daddy?”………………………………………………………………….

(WATCH OUT FOR PART V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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    So interesting


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