I greeted them, “how are you my son” pablo’s mother said and went further to ask “when did u come in,thought you were with you mother” “no o” shouted Pablo from d oda corner. “I was inside his room” I said with a shaking voice,my mum gazed doubtedly at me and said “children of now adays,why can’t you ask of her the moment you arrived?” At this,I knew I have a lot of query to answer wen we get home,a lot ran thru my little mind as I walked to Pablo’s room. Firstly, I was thinking how to go back to kizito’s place and pick my laptop,I was also thinking the kind of conversation that will come up when we get home and thirdly I was tinking of a way to scope Pablo about where I was bcs I collected some amount of money from him about 50k that I wanted to use it for sumtin crucial that will produce money in return.

“Guy oya yarn me wetin happen” pablo spoke up on entering his room. I was happy bcs it seems he had forgotten to ask where I was. “Na Sandra place I dey o! I bin comot from Christy place arnd 4pm” I answered him. “Guy u go kill urself oneday,I dey tell u. You wan outshine ur master abi?” He went on further to add. “No o,na u b boss!” I replied him. Now he wanted me to narrate how everytin went wch I had to frame up for him using my past occurences which he wasn’t aware of to save the present. It was at this point I remembered that popsy is coming bck today and that he has warned me neva to go out with his car whenever he is on a journey bcs once I have cobalised him certain time ago when he lied to his boss at work that he is in town while he was out of town,his boss actually saw his car wen I drove pass thinking it was he. I went on further to reply kizito so that he won’t be able to figure out wat was going on in my mind. “Guy I no sabi sey Sandra sweet like dis,dis morning wen I bin wake up,I see her missed call,na him I call her,she tell me sey she don dey town make I cum see her 2day,I no wan do good boy so I branch christy place make she high me small. U sabi say christy too like weed and she dey always get am,after evry evry sha,I bath for her place,I yansh her small so dat my prick no go stand anyhw for Sandra place,I bath,sure boi like me,I peff so dt I go smell fresh,I enta her place”. All on my mind was to go and spend some nice time with her but….”

At this juncture,my mum called and said she will be on her way now that I should be coming and don’t keep late night, “okay mummy” I replied from Kizito’s room. Now at this time I was getting kind of nervous and restless because I was not enjoying the conversation going on between Pablo and I. I was hoping to get home before dad comes back and drop his car for him. The old man has always come up with various tactics wch we (I and my brother Stanley) have always cracked like a riddle. Sometimes he will remove a plug,or deflate a tyre so dt no one will be able to use d car. This time,he marked the co-ordinates of the four tyres where they stopped using some stone pebbles. We didn’t discover it at first cos we were surprised he left his car without removing anytin not knowing d old man knows wat he is doing,tanx to Stanley who discovered it.

“Guy e be like say I wan follow my mama” speaking in a fainty voice. “Oya na,but u sabi say u neva finish ya tori,but wait shey u yansh Sandra too?” Pablo asked me……………………………

Watchout for part III. (The story has just began).



A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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