Just when I thought I am a good scammer,he caught me by asking me to send him my live pix,the way I was chatting with him. All my plans to sway him away proved abortive. I have always succeeded in doing dat by sending him pix’s of moments I framed up for myself,moments like when I am in the pool,on the field,in the car etc that I know I had their pictures with me. “Am coming” was what I said and I went off to search for the pix of the moment on my so-called data base where I always get them. Of course I couldn’t find but I knew white people like him likes nude pix so I decide to send him a nude pix,d tin chop am die as he begged me to send him more and more wch I did cos I have just a lot. At this point of exchanging pix and admiring fake pix,my phone rang;it was Pablo,”guy ur mama don dey my house,where u dey?” Choi! I exclaimed,”I dey cum now now,tell her say I dey ya room dey pray”. Mum has once woke me up in d middle of the night around 1am to ask me; “Son,dis place u used to go every sunday,I hope it is not a bad place cos we were told at the women’s gathering in church today that we should be mindful of what our children do in our absence and dat is why I have called u to ask u” dis tym my mind has calmed dwn cos I have already framed up a lie for her. All d time we walked from my room to the sitting room,I was tinking she woke me up for all those advice she gives me against women or to tell me the result for the HIV test we all did d last time we went for family check-up was out. Swiftly and boldly I answered “mummy,I go to nice places,most at times I am in Pablo’s house,we pray 2geda and sometimes play video games. The only time we go out is to watch match”. This she believed me with no doubt and asked me to go to bed,little did I know that she already had plans. Me on my own side will evry sunday go to d bar with pablo and some other guys and sometimes to ashy-joints,just to sit down and gaze at both still and falling asses. Pablo and I will sometimes also engage in car race wch we have theresa as our time keeper,speeding on the road and betting on who returns first. He (Pablo) is aware that his house was an avenue for excuse and eachtime mama called,he tells her am in his place even though I am not.

On this fateful day,I was at Kizito’s place learning how to yahoo wen I got his distress call. Sharparly sharparly I don climb bike. He called again and told me he is in his room,mum actually came to check on me dis fateful sunday. “Where is he?” She asked Pablo; “he is in my room,we were praying when you came but he said he has a devotion he makes and that he don’t want to miss it”. “Okay” my mum replied. All dis tym,I was on my way,I gave the bike man an extra amount to speed up. While I was on my way,mum called my line to know whether it will ring inside their house. I switched off my fone,and den switched it on again and forwarded my calls to Pablo’s number,sharp boy like me. Of course mum called again,cos she was so inquisitive to know,but this time,it ranged on Pablo’s fone that was charging in the sitting room ryt infront of her ,she calmed down not knowing that it’s Pablo’s fone. Pablo wntd to fuck-up but as God will have it,it stopped b4 he reached.

“Guy,person dey call u for ur fone” he shouted like as if I was in the room. Dis was our plan. All dis while,pablo’s mother was preparing to come out to meet her friend that came to pay her a visit. “Ah! Sorry to kip u waiting” pablo’s mother said to my mum, “it ok, no problem” as she said that,I entered the gate and went straight to the backyard as planned by us. “Guy where u go dis tym? Na so u go just dey put me for tyt corner,u no go tell me b4 u waka” “no vex” I replied “I bin go see sandra,and christy,omo we get a lot to discuss”. I cleaned my face,breathed down,changed to a holy mood and set off for the sitting room. “Good afternoon ma’s” I greeted both of them………………………………………………..

To be continued!! Watchout for II.



A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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