Ahmed Ridwan Olalekan is his name but popularly he is known as “BREEZE”. He is a multi-talented singer,a song writer and a high-class rapper. He has recorded many tracks with blasting and enormous lyrics. He has passion for good music and this has attributed to a high standard rating in his kind of music. He is into hip hop and rap kind of music. He is a native of Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara state,he was born in J-town (Jos) and breed in lagos. He has done many enormous tracks with a number of artists,the likes of Blackbreeze, Storj, Samibond, Y-Del, Kennykruzz amongst others. He has also attended many shows and awards both within and outside the country. He also has done several tracks with artists from other neighbouring countries such as Ghana and Liberia;the likes of T-twyne and Sacchu. Originality has always been his watchword as he is a very hardworking individual. He is a 300level student in the great Better by far university talking about UNILORIN. Our crew was opportuned to be involved in a brief but highly informative discussion with him at the basketball court of the Kwara State Hotels and reservation here in Ilorin and filled in this Report.

Correspondent: “Can we meet you”?
Breeze: “First of all I wanna say thanks for having me. Uhm I’m Breeze, like most people know me, I’m a rapper, writer, 300level Unilorin student, hustler and I love any good music. A native of Ilorin Kwara state but based in Lagos”.

Correspondent: “Tell us more about you apart from the little we know”
Breeze: “Reptiles irritate me, I’m scared of rodents. Haha! A lot of people don’t know I was born in J town (Rukuba Barracks). Apparently because I was raised in Lagos”.

Correspondent: “Where was the name ‘BREEZE’ coined from”?
Breeze: ” I’m in love with many words, ‘Breeze’ is one of them. I used to be ‘BreezeStream’ but was too tongue-twisting so I stuck to BREEZE, to me, it defines the way I flow. People now say I behave like breeze lol”.

Correspondent: ” Tell us about your debut into the Music Industry”
Breeze: “Myself and BlackBreeze work as a duo occasionally, but we actually work individually and we’ve done lots of unreleased singles. My debut into industry is ‘Ill Mind of Breezy’ (a cover of ILL MIND OF HOPSIN)”.

Correspondent: “What are your achievements so far”?
Breeze: ” I’ve been opportuned to feature on lyricist lounge (with Chris D’razor in 2010) on The Beat 99.9fm Lagos with Mr Cipher, J.O and Kamili. Attended countless shows that have broaden the brand ‘BREEZE’. But my main achievement is that I’ve learnt how to correct my mistakes”.

Correspondent: “What can you say about music and entertainment in kwara state”?
Breeze: “Hmmm nice one. Big things ah gwan here man. I’m happy that artistes, dancers, in short all entertainers here are so hardworking and I’m happy we are now enjoying it”.

Correspondent: “Are you under any record label”?
Breeze: ” ‘Bond music’ baby! We don’t call it a label, it’s a family and it’s based in Lagos”.

Correspondent: “What inspires you”?
Breeze: “Anything. I’m the kind of person that sees the good part of anything and then inspiration comes. And of course God is the reason”.

Correspondent: “Your message for your fans”
Breeze: ” Fans? Those on ceilings? Lol they shouldn’t be called fans o! They are rocks! After God, we lean on them. Just wanna say thanks and please keep supporting, God is their fan too”.

«««««««CAMERA TIMED OUT»»»»»»»
A lot has been said about breeze and the illcity music industry is earnestly on the move like a moving breeze to the top of entertainment in Nigeria having the likes of Breeze who will represent them fully well out there. Currently Olalekan has recorded and released a fresh and scintillating track which he did featuring Y-Del and Samibond and he calls this one CONTROL COVER. We hope he controls us to da top in illcity as we wish him the very best of luck in his quest for fame and good music.

Below are links to some of his projects for your listening pleasure.

Audio: Ill Mind of Breezy –

Viral video : Ill mind of Breezy –

Control (cover) –

For more enquiries, you can follow BREEZE on Twitter @ItizBREEZE or on BBM pin: 200019FD.




A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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  1. oreke says:

    ‘To rap: its easy, buh to rap well: its nah easy’… 1 breeze……..


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