Born in the year 1993, MALYNA as she is popularly called by her fans is a multi-talented artist. A dancer,a good femcee and an entertainer. She is into hip hop(rap). She has recorded quite a number of hit tracks and has attended many shows and concerts to her credit. All these is attributed to her strong passion for good music. She is also a popular face on most entertainment magazines and newspapers. Her popularity has really gone far and wide outside the city of ilorin and Nigeria as a whole. She has good dress-sense and good English ascent like though she was brought up in the ‘Yankees’. Below was our conversation with her at the magnificent tower of the Kwara hotels guest lounge and suites.

Correspondent: “Can we meet you”?
Malyna: “I am Abdulkadri Eniola,am 20,a student of Unilorin,300level Microbiology. errrrm!…..I was born and raised in ilorin Kwara state”.

Correspondent: “Tell us more about you apart from the little we know of you”.
Malyna: “Am hydrophobic,I hate insects!I eat a lot of junk foods. Malyna and Eniola are two different personalties so I tend to refer to myself in 3rd person,u knw,like ‘Lyna has 2 shows dis week’ or ‘Eniola is single’. Weird I knw,hehehhhehe. Then,I love babies a lot,am a very good dancer,an excellent bbal (basket ball) player and down to earth.”

Correspondent: “Where was the name ‘MALYNA’ coined from?”
Malyna: “Am half-fulani,its a fulani name. My grandma calls me ‘Maleinah’. I loved it… tushed it!”

Correspondent: “Tell us about your Debut into the music industry”
Malyna: “Well….I thank God. Been in this game for 4years now. My first track ever was titled ‘Malyna’ I used it to introduce myself. Since den,I’v been working on improving my musical skills and its working perfectly well.”

Correspondent: “What are your achievements so far”?
Malyna: “Errrm….its not how far but how well. Unlike other upcoming artiste,my main goal is not jst to blow.I have short term goals. Last year the main goal was to stop sounding very upcoming and its happening,I fink that’s by far the greatest achievement.”

Correspondent: “What can you say about music and entertainment in kwara state?”
Malyna: “Entertainment in kwara state…mehn!,we have a long way to go o!Raw talents err’y where,d problem is pushing our songs! Most artistes in ilorin sign deals and rellent,expect the label to do evrytin which is not suppose to be!asides that,Ilorin Artistes are amazing!”

Correspondent: “Are you under any record label?”
Malyna: “I am not under any record label at the moment but am building my own team….”

Correspondent: “What inspires you?”
Malyna: “Nyc1….hehehe,a lot of fings drive me o…things happening in my life @ a particular time mostly. I refuse to be the type of femcee dat talks about herself err’ytime. When fingz happen to me or people around me,it inspires me 2 share my thoughts through music,u dig? Beef inspires me too but u can never,I mean never catch me dissing another artiste!all the same,was born ready!hehehe”

Correspondent: “Your message for your fans”
Malyna: “Wooooh…I wouldn’t use d word fans,exactly wat I said on ”The Nation”(newspaper)and ”Tribune”.I would prefer ”Friends”,sincerely!so,to all my friends out there…Rebrand,Repair,Remould,Regain ur stand,Refine ur gold,Re-edit ur story Before its been told cos for things not to fall apart the centre must hold. With persistence,competition has no existence #lynaquotes..*winks*”

Much has been said about the borne star,she is so entertaining and really full of energy and talent waiting to explode.

From the management and crew,we wanna wish her the very best as she pursue her dream.

Below are the links to some of her recent tracks.



For more contact, you can ff her on Twitter @iam_malyna or on Facebook; Herminat



A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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  1. Hummmm 9c one from my hommie MALYNA ggmub


  2. Adenuga khafayah says:

    kip it up dear…..may all ur e4t b crown wif a well deserve success


  3. lateefah yusuf says:

    waw i luv u lyna i no u r a great sis so u r gonna b a gud artist.luv u cos u r alw free mindd.evy1 luvs dat


  4. Zeenah says:

    Nyc 1 dearie! I’m proud of yu, n I’ll everly b! Keep it up Lynah! D sky aint ur limit bt d strtin point!…………..God gat yu!


  5. I ԁo not even κnow hhow I endeԀ սp ɦere, bսt
    I thought thіs post was greаt. I don’t know who үou arе
    but certainly you aгe goіng tօ a famous blogger
    if ƴou aгen’t alreaɗy 😉 Cheers!


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