Mafimiwonla Qudus Olami A.K.A OLUWASIMPLE is a talented artist and a motivational song-writer,he is into hip-hop and R&B style of music. He hails from Ogun state but was born and breed in ilorin,the capital city of Kwara state. He is the current winner of the Nescafe music challenge competition held in Kwara State Polytechnic last year 2012 edition. He has attended many shows and has recorded many tracks to his credit. Below were his conversation with the press crew of this site at the Kwara State Mall at the just concluded Project Face Kwara anchored by the office of the wife of the Kwara State Governor.

Correspondent: “Can we meet you”?
Oluwasimple: “My name is Mafimiwonla Qudus Olami popularly called OLUWASIMPLE”.

Correspondent: “Where are you from”?
Oluwasimple: “Am from Ogun State”.

Correspondent: “Tell us about your Debut into the music industry and what are your achievements so far”?
Oluwasimple: “As a street boy,I started music right from childhood but took it in as a career when I recorded my first track in the year 2006/7 titled “Dance To The Beat” and ever since then,I have kept doing it real. I have attend many shows,many concerts and competition but the greatest one to me,is the Nescafe Music Challenge Competition at kwara state polytechnic which I emerged as the winner. I have done many tracks and did collabo wit lots of upcoming artist like me because they love my rap style . Right now I have many songs to be released and I have also released a lot of singles. my latest track titled “she too fine” due to be released soon is produced by youngT production, and I promise it is going to be crazy.”

Correspondent: “What are your challenges as an Hip Hop artist”?
Oluwasimple: “Well,no much challenges per say but the current shift in trend in terms of the style of music and the production is quite a challenge to us,technology has made music quite easy as a lay man but to us artists,it leaves us with much work to do,you have to do much work on your voice if you wanna come out spectacular,so it aint easy. Also, the competitions I attend and the collabos with other artists is a challenge to me because to whom much is given,much is expected,currently am not under any record label but am always praying and hoping on God someday. I stay chilling in the studios 24/7 wit my producers, Kaze one,Authentic studio,Jos blinks,YoungT and Bj beat. Am always trusting God”.

Correspondent: “What inspires you”?
Oluwasimple: ” I gat the talent and I really gat interest in it,My dad really give me full support,he inspires me and also all my fans really love my style of rap music,they always boost my morale”.

Correspondent: “What are your dreams in the next 10 years and what should your fans be expecting from you”?
Oluwasimple:”I gat great dream and bright future in the music industry,I see myself at the top of the topmost”.

Correspondent: “Your message to your fans”
Oluwasimple: “I love them so much,I will continue to pray for them,they should look out for more good music,one love!!”.

That has been our conversation with Mafimiwonla Qudus A.K.A OLUWASIMPLE. He is currently a student of Kwara state polytechnic. From the management,we wish him the very best in his chosen Career.

For more info,you can contact him through 322D0A62.



A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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