Ayanduro John Oluwaleke (A.K.A Snowjay as he is popularly called) is a good looking young multi talented singer, song writer, instrumentalist n vocalist. He has Amazing gesture and ritzy smile. (Looks Pretty much younger dan his age 24),below was our conversation by one of our correspondents on this site with him;

Correspondent: “Can we meet you”?
Snowjay: “My names are Ayanduro John Oluwaleke

Correspondent: “Tell us about your debut into the music industry and your achievements so far”
Snowjay: “I Started music @d age of 9 in d choir, i played instruments like flute, mouth organ back den.Over the years I have developed my song writing skills and in the Year 2011 to the Glory of God I released my 1st single ‘fakoyo’ a Cover of Psquare chop my money, fakoyo which means shine on. I was so happy and astonished that the song rocked d internet & even some part of the south western Nigeria via Radio. Besides fakoyo I have also released about 3 more singles of various genre, pop, afro pop, RnB.

Correspondent: “What inspires you”?
Snowjay: “My mum and my luvly fans out there,it gives me much motivation knowing that someone out there is really moved by my kind of songs and always wishing me well in my chosen career.

Correspondent: “what is your message for your fans”?
Snowjay: “Wao! They are spectacular,I love them,they always show me much support and love,I urge them to keep their heads up as am gonna thrill them with da’ best of entertainment yet to come. I also want to use this medium to thank them for their efforts in getting me into the Project Fame Academy,they really tried but God knows best,I commend them a lot,Una too much!!”.

Correspondent: “What should we look up to getting from Snowjay in the next 5 years to come”?
Snowjay: “Wao!, a lot, am currently working on ma new single titled ‘Juba’ to be released soonest on this site and lots more hidden talents yet to be unravelled,I believe sky is just my starting point,thanks”.

««««Camera Timed-Out»»»»
That was our conversation with Snowjay and just as he has decided to release some of his songs on this site for your listening pleasure,we urge you to remain tuned as we are gonna bring you updates on his music life and his latest project.

Visit the links below to download his previous projects
Music title: Fakoyo (

Music title: TingAling (

And of course his favourite RnB Your Love (jason derulo cover) ( )

Lest I forget He hails from Kwara state and Has been doing fine in d Local Music chart. Late Last year He was among the winners of Close up Loves naija music contest, which gave him opportunity of becoming a Unilever ambassador.

Lately Due To His strong personal Conviction
He’s switched from secular to Gospel Music. He mentioned behind the camera that “God gave Him this Precious talent for a reason” and recently he’s discovered the purpose and He’s currently working on a New piece titled Juba (Worship). And that He still retains his Stage name Snowjay. With a New meaning… “From scarLet to snow”. Let’s wait & see how far he’s gonna go in d industry, ooops I’d rather say Ministry.
Sounds unbelievable, but True.

WE WISH HIM ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For more info.

You can follow him on twitter @snowjayone
Or Like his Official fan page



A young and talented youngster with the mind of a Philanthropist. Lover of children and governed by principles ordained by nature. He is a computer guru and a graduate of Microbiology in one of the Universities in West Africa. He has a flair for writing and hopes to change the world through it. He is simple and respectful with a ready heart of learning.
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  1. NasMagnificent says:

    Snow jay onpoint


  2. fezlonice says:

    Known him from the scratch. He is great , good composure great voice and all that.. Blive much will come out from him.


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